Further Allegations Trade Me’s Jon MacDonald is a Serial Child Sex Offender


Featured Image – Jon MacDonald of Trade Me (Not)…with one of his child sex dolls. 


Well – we know Jon MacDonald markets child sex and death dolls to kids for money. Which is certainly offensive to any sane human being. So that’s one strike. Definitely a child sex offender.

Any child using the Trade Me website to look for dolls is confronted with this type of stuff below


The simple fact that he does it everyday of the week, to an entire Nation of children makes him a serial child sex offender…and very creepy to think he has access to data on almost every Kiwi household, not least the ones with kids.

On top of that however we have further allegations and evidence today that he is closing down the Trade Me accounts of – and then blocking any further application process for – those who expose the alleged child abuse rings operating in New Zealand – suggesting that Jon MacDonald has direct links to some of the biggest and most powerful pedophiles in New Zealand. Which is probably just the rich list by any serious analysis. Trade Me have now apparently gone to the extreme lengths of writing computer code specifically to block the names and emails of those who they know to be exposing NZ’s ‘elite’ corporate child abuse rings.

Obviously, it cannot be ruled that the entire Trade Me senior management team are part of these same child abuse rings….Trade Me seems to be in a real panic over the issue…….although clearly still very determined to sell their child sex and death dolls to NZ kids. Is it some kind of sick cult they are all part of? Money, power and child abuse??

What is it exactly that causes so many of these rich listers, as well as the political class and mainstream media who serve them – to be into child abuse?

Is it somehow related to the greed? The power? Or were they all sexually abused themselves as kids perhaps – and it is just a vicious cycle?

Perhaps all of these corporate rich listers we see around us these days are in fact seriously abused as kids, growing up in sick families that demand and define wealth and success from their demonic children such as we see it today- namely with child abuse, greed and self worship.

Are a bunch of whack job degenerates, posing as our ‘leaders’, something we are supposed to all aspire to be like?

Whatever it is – we now have concrete evidence linking Trade Me’s Jon MacDonald to the child sex and blood sacrifice trade in New Zealand – and unfortunately just one more of these whack job money lovers to add to the ever growing list….



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    Rillydiculous says:

    Fucking Snakes….. There’s something seriously not right about that wrist & hand in the lead pic. Skeleton fingers, talons? The price of selling your soul maybe….

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