Redhead Nazi / Zionists Spy on EVERYTHING We Do – EVERYWHERE We Go


Featured Image – the redhead Nazi/ Zionist Sayanim/ Satanic faggot that tried to pimp out his 3 year old daughter to us in Geraldine one day. That one really stands out. Hands down the sickest cunt yet. 


Not sure if anyone else has noticed – but Media Whores has been very dedicated to the cause of protecting freedom of speech in NZ, exposing corruption, and outing these secret child abuse rings. You can chuck ending income taxes in there with that also.

Sound like reasonable causes to you?

Then why the fk are we being gang stalked in our own Nation?

Redhead Nazi/ Zionist spies watch everything Media Whores does – everywhere we go.

Without exception.

And the more we have come to realize this is the case – the more apparent it becomes and even the further back we can trace it.

We cannot say nor prove that every redhead is part of it – and it is certainly run from the top downwards – but they all seem to receive their marching orders at one stage or another….right down to the ‘homeless’ redheads on the street, like the ones that were gang stalking us around Auckland when we lived there.

As best we can tell, they are all conspiring to cover up the pedophilia and mostly seem to be going along with the homosexual agenda – which is by any serious analysis the agenda to cover up (mostly their own) rampant child abuse in this Nation. As we have previously explained, this is how we define the word “faggot” – someone who likes to try and rape EVERYTHING around them, or simply goes along with that agenda to allow those above them to try and rape everything. Media Whores has been ganged stalked by these redheads ever since we started exposing these pedophile scandals on line – then suddenly the shit hit the fan and all of these redheads came crawling out of the woodwork, like cockroaches, stalking us around the place and spying on everything we do. Like the Zombie fkg apocalypse.

All of this kicked off – or at least ramped up from when we first exposed the Nick Smith child abuse allegations – with Mike Bayley suddenly leaping in with a redhead private investigator…….

Anyone who hasn’t figured out that Donald Trump is a transvestite old woman – is a faggot to start with.

This little rant today was prompted when we started putting a couple of boxes in the car this morning and sure enough, the local redhead Sayanim spy popped out suddenly to have a chat with the other local Sayanim spy …so they could watch what it was we were doing – no doubt to report back so that head gang stalk command can start work going over all of recent emails, calls, texts and Google searches to best try and predict what it is we might be planning or where it might be that we headed to next. They will then usually have their little faggot redhead Sayanim contingent waiting at the next stop to try and approach you, ask questions, tag you in their homosexual 4wds and on and on.

It never ends.

There is no freedom. The one and only thing that a human being actually wants. That sense of freedom. The unaware. Not knowing what will happen. The sense of adventure.

Now that these redhead / fake Jew/ half Jew/ part Persian Synagogue of Satan snakes have all of this new cell phone and internet spying technology – there is no fkg peace. And no more freedom. Everything you do, everywhere you go, one of these fkg creeps will pop up and try to be your friend, or just harass and annoy you. Like a cockroach.

Drive through Granity on the West Coast in the middle of nowhere – and sure enough the old German/ Euro Nazi who owns the only shop/ cafe in town will pop out to bare witness. Go sit in ChCh square, 4 or 5 of them will zoom in to try and take your pick and report back.

Margaret McSweeney – the corrupt redhead Queenstown district court manager who did everything in her power and more to stitch us up for an assault charge – aided by the half wit kiddie fiddler enabler local judge – Kevin Phillips.

Shane the redhead mechanic in Hamilton WOF Center who was trying to kill us as far as we can tell.

Joshua Young the redhead gang stalker form the Waikato who got our Trade Me account closed down.

Sam Raines the redhead from The Web Guys who launched an all out attack on the hosting business associated with this domain name.

Caleb Smith from the Domain Name Commission who launched a politically based attack on the same business.

Gareth Foster that recently shut down an on line PO Box service associated with Media Whores – by stealth and illegally/ unlawfully – and another redhead.

Neil Roberts of Harmoney setting his staff on us for exposing the fact that he is a crackhead – or at least was a crackhead

And that old chestnut Mike Bayley having our entire website shut down illegally for exposing the Nick Smith MP child abuse ring allegations – Nick Smith being the Minister of Housing at the time ie) in the pocket of Mike Bayley and the likes. Bayley clearly has that redhead tinge going on also – but one of the more Persian looking ones, so no doubt higher up the ladder

Then the protest in Nelson about the Nick Smith child abuse ring allegations – in which a steady stream of redheads came up and tried to tell us to cease and desist, with a perfectly legal street sign on a road covered with political posters at the time – all keen to silence any talk of fellow redhead pedophilia

What the fk is wrong with these people?

A bunch of creepy fkg criminals – everywhere we go, and everything we do.

These are your Nazis folks. The Zionists. They flooded in after WWII and have clearly been running a breeding program ever since. Their demonic children now in charge of everything. And many of them on meth it would appear also….their drug of choice – same in Nazi Germany.

And all conspiring to cover up their own pedophilia – the Justin Davis Files, these old redheads galore. The Palmy Creep Catchers – redheads all over it.

Pulled into a motel in Hari Hari once and the old redhead that owned it gave us some sort of bullshit cover story about how one poor victims of the Palmy Creep Catchers got beaten up and thus why Connor Bevans should have been stopped. A bullshit story this gang made up and posted on the Facebook page they set up to attack Connor Bevans and try and sully the whole saga. All sides controlled…as always…

Media Whores can actually trace this redhead gang stalking back many years now that we think about – and as mentioned.

First there was the redhead step father that showed up. And his redhead CEO super star brother. Both of them half wits. And his two only slightly freckled children – both of them also half wits. Had to suffer a childhood surrounded by these Satan worshiping half wits. Then Grant England turned out to be a faggot and a pedophile and had to try and avoid that sick cunt on all holidays.

The stepmother – not a redhead – but a fkg liberal homo fiction commie book seller and wimins lib activist. Recently divorced from some satanic lawyer. Could swear she was / is a Jew. First thing she did when Dad died was email us all an official cause of death notice – presumably to avoid any suspicion.

Various redhead acquaintances and ‘friends’ who were in hindsight probably just keeping an eye on us.

Then they sent in these two German brothers in Auckland to try and make friends with us – along with “Mason” the redhead GHB pedophile fag. We have since heard that Nicoli is now into the ‘new age’ sexual deviancy stuff. Media Whores has never enjoyed hanging out with creepy fkwits who are always making jokes about sex all day long….and thus non of this shit ever stuck…..

When that Sayanim mind control shit failed – they sent in Big Mick from the Waikato – an ex / current gangster and another big old redhead, heavily into his dairy farming. And his brother Eric. They shared some secrets and information but it then turned out they were spying on us also. Eric runs a children’s playground in Hamilton and Mick is into dairy farming. This was apparently more controlled opposition / gate keeper activity to try and bring us in and back under control.

Nothing left on the planet for these people to conquer, kill or destroy, so they now surround themselves with 100km of dairy cattle and walk around putting their hands up cows bums and vaginas all day……then call it paradise….and 100% Pure.

And there is no way in hell we would let any children under our supervision anywhere near that fkg playground. Now we realize these lads were spying on us also.

The other thing this satan worshiping fake Jew Sayanim spies do – is they slowly conspire to steal everything from you.

Media Whores can trace this back many many years also, but more recently there was a website we set up in the retirement home business – obviously a good idea – and some corrupt cunt from the Government retirement agency quickly launched an attack on it via legal threats, and when that didn’t work they simply hacked the site and destroyed it.

Same with the directory site – blocked it entirely on Google, lest its starts getting too popular.

Took down our entire hosting accounts out on at least 3 or 4 occasions, just to try and slow us down a bit.

Chased us out of Auckland using fake / trumped up/ fraudulent parking tickets and fines. Got a whole box of them. Speeding fines from around the Nation for roads we had never even driven down. If we were in the vicinity, these Nazi Sayanim that are placed throughout our Government agencies would generate one and send it out.

Then Google wiped out our biggest income earning website just last month – a roofing website based in Auckland – because they figured we were about to park up and sit tight and try and form a new Republic. Direct criminal behavior based on their spying. They must have a whole fkg room of these sicko faggot pedophile cunts sitting there watching everything we do, all fkg day, every fkg day – then holding meetings and calculating what to do next, or what to steal next, or what to break and destroy next. Lest just one real , uncompromised, uncompromising human being actually begins to become independent from their sicko corporate pedophile system.

You sick criminal fkers……

(Note the redheads and the new age faggot liberal Jews)

These criminal fkers cannot allow any movement resembling the freedom of or for humanity – or even for the individual – to take hold and flourish – lest it catches on – and risk having their entire Globalist empire of pedophile greed and blood fall down around them.

These redhead Nazi Zionists are the prison guards who run the entire Persian elite Babylonian slave system. They were the communists, the Bolsheviks, the Nazis and now call themselves Capitalists.

Their entire system based on lies, deceit, fake terrorism, fake science……and pedophilia.











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    Cyril says:

    Did you know that homosexuals run the Waipa district council? was in Hamilton last night where my cousin filled me in about this blog and explained the actions of our local councillors and how they get themselves into their positions. Andrew Brown of Teawamutu is a filthy low life homosexual skum who associates and mingles with fellow known pedophiles within cambridge, its rumoured he got let off drink driving because of his connections and because he’s a free mason. The councillors here are all ripping us off with unjust costs and spending large amounts of money on bullshit. The bro said even all the high up councillors in New Zealand in each and every town are pedophiles being bribed who bum each other and thats how you get your job.

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