These Redheads Need to Stop Following their Marching Orders


“The Rothschilds poop their pants when the Persian elites show up and give them their marching orders’ – Santos Bonacci 

The redheads need to grow up and stop following their orders.

The orders that get handed down to them by these ‘elite’ fake Jew/ German / half breed Persian snakes that they worship. $$$$. The Rothschild / Orsini Persian global Satanic pedophile ring.

Not least because the same niggers that give them their corrupt marching orders, are the same ones abusing their kids also – in the churches, schools, MP and doctors offices. As we have well covered.

The same elites / bankers / Persian money men that tell them all they live on a magic gravity ball flying through space – then laugh at them behind their backs, while secretly abusing their children. And their wives. In fact even them as far as we can tell….with all of this faggot shit going on.

The redhead foot soldiers of the fake Jew / Persian pedophiles need to grow up – learn what it means to stand on your own feet – to stand in honor – to reclaim your own dominion and Sovereignty. To think for yourselves. Make your own decisions.

Walk away from all of the mens clubs. Rotary, Masons, Lions etc – all of them funded and run by these same kiddie fiddler Jewish/ Persian snakes, or they would have been destroyed a long time ago. Pure mind control for men who never grew up.

Walk away from your demonic dairy farming and putting your hands up cows bums and vaginas, and squeezing cows tits for a living. Filthy shit. Surrounded in it. Living in a pile of shit. We all are now.

This would be the process of ‘evolution’ – instead of what these  fake Jew Persian pedophiles are gunning furiously for – that being another Rothschild financed and run revolution. Pitting everyone underneath them -all the Goy – against each other. Revolution is from Saturn….and it devours it’s own children.

Stand down.

In fact even better – turn the tables and start running the same covert tactics on these inbred freaks that bark the orders.

It starts by teaching your kids truth for a change – instead of constant fake Jew / Persian lies. The pedophilia goes hand in hand with the Persian/ Jewish lies…..

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