Google are Blocking this Justice Forum Website



Just noticed the Jew Bolsheviks at Google are blocking this justice forum website also…

It has pages of articles exposing NZ’s pedophile ring judiciary

If you visit the actual URL it seems to work, but if you find any of their articles on a Google search and click on them – they come up with a “security warning”

A Google or Youtube security warning means “this website exposes the Jews”.


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2 thoughts on “Google are Blocking this Justice Forum Website”

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    Harry the Dog says:

    I see you tube is blanking your vids too. Unless of course, you’ve withdrawn them?

    The long-foretold clampdown perhaps.

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      mediawhores says:

      the account was removed cos jewtube kept adding in little hints at our real i.d. like google plus page links and other details. the corrupt cnts. also manipulating the play lists and subs to push jew bullshit to others.
      so just deleted the whole thing
      new pone set up now called king james
      that jacinda un vis is back up

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