Google New Zealand Ltd has Three Foreign Directors



Google . CON has recently emailed all of its New Zealand Adwords clients to say that billing details will soon start to show as “Google New Zealand Ltd” as opposed to the previous Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd which is an offshore / foreign registered corporation.

Hundreds of millions of New Zealand dollars are now sent off shore each year in the way of Google advertising dollars, with some small New Zealand businesses spending upwards of $2000 every month trying to get noticed on Google.

As we have previously mentioned – we have been sitting here watching as Google go through and manually manipulate their top search results on an industry by industry basis, manually shuffling some top sites to the bottom of results on some searches. Via our hosting company we have pages of evidence that this corrupt practice is done both for political reasons, as well as to try and boost their Adwords revenues.

Those who sit at the very top of Google search results tend to get an avalanche of work requests in each day, so need to pay anything to be at the top of results.

Google therefore just go through and knock them off their top positions for some or all keyword searches so as to force or at least encourage them to use Adwords instead.

We have also well covered how Google chose to block the NZ Republic website for the first few weeks of its launch (which has now come right since we moved hosting to the same Swedish hosting company as Media Whores) – and also how Google hand pick what results come up for a Media Whores search, as well as the names associated with this website. They quite literally sit there going over all search results and then hand pick which ones might look the most incriminating .

One good example of this is how they hand picked an old trumped up assault charge for one man associated with this website and place it right at the very top of results for anyone who is researching him. Followed next by a Spin Off article which is also full of shit, done by redhead transgender sex activist Joel MacManAnus……then some half ass post with more bullshit done by another redhead ex cop who runs a blog……

They also just block websites completely if they deem them too much of a threat. They often chuck Media Whores on to page 2 or 3 of searches, but because we are not making money out of it they don’t seem too worried. is one website they have just decided to completely block, as they do with many other directory style sites, because they are competition. Also that justice forum we mentioned in our previous post today. There are many other examples – Google just shred the internet to pieces to suit themselves.

Google are corrupt to the very core.

Although they have obviously allowed Media Whores some space, it is still a very serious crime for this corporation to be interfering so directly and obviously with our freedoms of speech and politics. And again, where is the Commerce Commission on their power?? What the fk do we pay those useless fkers for?

With the change to the NZ address there is actually now at least an address one could file a legal claim at – it is the law firm Simpson Grierson – at number “88” Shortland St no less. 8 being H in Jewish/ Phoenician numerlogy. ie) HH = Heil Hitler

So perhaps we could file a claim with the Jewish lawyers/ liars at Simpson Grierson? How do you think that would chance? Given these Nazis’ entire global corporate system of pedophilia and rape has only been made possible thanks to their Nazi legal/ eagle system anyway?

We went looking for photos of their Auckland staff and results were telling. They are not redheads folks – these are presumably your Nazi / Nasi Jews……the Bar Association being Rabbi backwards/ in Phoenician.

These Nazi/ Nasi/ German Jews run the entire internet here in NZ, hands down. We have often explained how these more Persian looking cross eyed demons seem to be calling all of the shots – and the redheads are more like their foot soldiers. In the Biblical sense this is presumably the House of Judah and the House of Israel, and they are both as greedy and corrupt as each other in our view.

We have previously also covered how we think the Google CEO they have presented is in fact just Sam Morgan dressed in drag…….Google NZ is a franchise they run here and it is very much hand managed from within NZ….using a locally based franchise model allows them to better monitor and manipulate everything. ……

And then we have the 3 foreign based directors we mention in the title.

Like many if not most of the global corporates that operate here these days to be fair – mostly all run by foreign directors.

There is no accountability.

And they are all ripping us dry. Plus they pay hardly any tax at all.

When the LORD your God blesses you as He has promised, you will lend to many nations but borrow from none; you will rule over many nations, but be ruled by none.
– Deuteronomy 15:6

The solutions to this wholesale globalist rape by these corporate nazi fascist / demonic Talmudic Jews – will be local folks. When we all simply decide to switch off their endless ballshit, and tend to our own garden instead.

On either side of the river stood a tree of life, producing twelve kinds of fruit and yielding a fresh crop for each month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. 3No longer will there be any curse.
Revelation 22:2


And these Nazi Jews fully expect to be chased out at some stage. Now their game of monopoly has been won. In fact they will probably start staging some hate crimes and terrorism against themselves as they depart – so it can all be written up nicely for their history books. Possibly the only reason Media Whores has been left up at all.

Oh yeah and can’t find any photos of these Google directors either – God forbid their right to privacy could be hindered in any way. In fact possibly all just more fake names / fake Jews. “Bones” are for the dead…and “Howell” is clearly from Hell…the Pitt these people come up from. And one nice trendy multicultural name – always the same strategy to make these Nazis’ never ending rape and plunder look at least a little nice and friendly……..

31 Mar 2006
NZ Limited Company
August , last filed on 07 Aug 2018

Alphabet Inc.

Type of entity

Registration number / ID
[Not specified]

Country of registration
United States of America

Registered office address
c/o Corporation Service Company, 251 Little Falls Drive, Wilmington DE 19808, United States of America

Registered Office
Simpson Grierson, Level 27, 88 Shortland Street, Auckland , New Zealand

Address for service 
Simpson Grierson, Level 27, 88 Shortland Street, Auckland , New Zealand
Showing 2 of 3 directors

Fiona Mary BONES
26 Elva Avenue, Killara, Nsw, 2071 , Australia

John Elliot HOWELL
83 Laycock Road, Penshurst, Nsw, 2222 , Australia
Fiona Mary BONES
26 Elva Avenue, Killara, Nsw, 2071 , Australia
01 Apr 2016

John Elliot HOWELL
83 Laycock Road, Penshurst, Nsw, 2222 , Australia
06 Oct 2015

Australian company directorship


Australian company details

Level 5, 48 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont, Nsw, 2009, AU

Kenneth YI
620 Sand Hill Circle, Menlo Park, Ca, 94025 , United States of America
01 Nov 2013





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