Is Nathan Guy Another Serial Pedophile Being Bribed?


Featured Image – Nathan Guy with his redhead Jew / Nazi handler. You will find one of these redhead Nazis behind every MP who is not part of the ruling demonic bloodline. 


Is Nathan Guy Another Pedophile Being Bribed?

You would have to guess he was being bribed here – total lawlessness.

Bribed by blood drinking redhead Nazi Jew Peter Theil apparently

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    mike says:

    Nathan Guy along with Bill English, owned 50% each of the “animal control products”, which manufactured 1080 poison.

    The annual report from animal control products to the shareholders (Nathan Guy and Bill English) in 2013, was that they had just lost some $2 million book value, they were down to some $3 million book value, and could fall over. That there had been no recent rat invasion to cause more 1080 to be used, and therefore make animal control products profitable, and not financially collapse.

    The reply from the shareholders (Bill English and Nathan Guy) was that the profitability, entering “financial surplus” of animal control products was their “key priority”.

    Notice these words “key” “priority”. Meaning key to what? Priority to what? How much was “financial surplus” ?

    That animal control products was to expect a visit from Treasury. (what has the NZ peoples treasury got to do with animal control products?).

    The following year, near the 2014 elections, , a massive rat invasion “magically appeared”, (that did not exist) with the program “battle for our birds”, introduced over some 450,000 hectares. The biggest mass poison of New Zealand pristine virginal forest full of Kiwi call then took place.

    It is very well known that after 1080 poison, the Heaphy track area that had been full of Kiwi call. That Kiwi call almost totally disappeared. etc etc.

    There is only one place suitable for Nathan Guy and his offsider Bill English, and Nick Smith, and that is on the gallows of the new republic.

    Although we reckon the best way would be to have South Island separation, so that entirely new laws can be set in place, no GST on imports so that all imports come through the South Island, all South Islanders and North Islanders can be registered as independent businesses, so that any and all taxes get paid into the South Island, and remove the PAYE sham, free university education and so on. So that eventually the North Island paedophile ring Government collapses through lack of money. ETC ETC.

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      mediawhores says:

      dirty inbred niggers.
      also the excuse used to close down every little piece of quiet remote parking and camping spot in the country

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