NZ’s Most Degenerate Judge – Kevin Phillips – Reign of Terror Continues….


Featured Image – Otago Judge Kevin Phillips – cross dresser – most likely a raging alcoholic and/or drug addict – and well known child sex enabler/ pedophile minder. With a Jewish/ Nazi Chief Justice who allegedly runs child sex rings in our nation, this is what we get at the lower levels…pure filth. 


The man recently voted NZ’s most corrupt and degenerate judge – the imbecile Kevin Phillips – has struck again folks……

Now the cause of another violent attack on an innocent Kiwi……..

Judge Kevin Phillips acknowledged her attacker, then aged 16, was on electronically monitored bail at the time – a decision he made.

”You shouldn’t have been on bail,” the judge conceded. ”It was against my better judgement and I have to take responsibility.”

On July 11, 2017, while at a South Dunedin training centre, the defendant approached a woman who ”had been saying bad things about him”.

The ”ferocious” assault began with six punches to the face, which knocked the victim to the ground.

As she tried to protect herself, he kicked her in the head as hard as he could and followed it up with two stamps to the temple.

This is what happens when we allow pedophiles to run our Justice system – the very sickest, corrupt and incompetent people are promoted up the ladder – and kept there – simply so as to best protect the sickos above them

Judge Kevin Phillips and the other sickos running our Justice system would be hunted down in the streets and then strung up by their scrawny little necks in days gone by – for charges ranging from inciting pedophilia, large scale domestic terrorism, disturbing the peace, and treason.

While we have seen no direct evidence that Judge Kevin Phillips is another of these child sex offenders himself – as yet – he does have a long track record of protecting pedophiles which would suggest that he is a fan of it, in the least.

In a sane Nation – all judges and other state employees would be screened for pedophilia and drug and alcohol addiction. In the current system they are actively sort out and promoted.

The other part to this story is these demonic little gangster kids that are being bailed around our Nation by the Crown so as to better help them sell their meth and keep the crime levels up – lest they all become unemployed. More Bolshevik styled state terrorism.

Judge Kevin Phillip is playing his part here – and is a domestic terrorist, in our opinion.

And most of these young violent offenders and gangsters have been seriously sexually abused by some of these judges, other state employees and the Nazi rich listers, to begin with. That is where their behavioral problems come from.

Its a fkg mess isn’t it – with these demonic Nazi/ Jew  rich listers running the show. There is no justice system at all – its just a business. The Sin business.

Was Convicted Killer Phillip Layton Edwards a Victim of Hugh Fletcher / Sian Elias Child Sex Ring?

New Zealand’s Most Corrupt Degenerate Judge – Kevin Phillips of Queenstown


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3 thoughts on “NZ’s Most Degenerate Judge – Kevin Phillips – Reign of Terror Continues….”

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    Harold says:

    I think its fair to say that all judges would be pretty high up homos. Regardless of the crime these demons will always protect a fellow homo.

    Its a scary thought, but sadly because of the size of NZ we have now unfortunately become one of the homosexual capitals of the world. Every work place these days has its own set of rules around being ‘aware’ and understanding of well .. faggots, and simply not agreeing with it can land you in a whole load of shit because its being discriminative. Already the 3rd most obese country per capita and now the most gay. The elite want to turn NZ into a homosexual kingdom and granting tranny lizards citizenship after 5 mins of being here is one sure way to achieve this.

    Had these 4 Germans (2 girls 2 guys) rave to us about a place they’d stayed in Napier the other day when giving them directions to Auckland when I was parked up at a campground – looking back we realise they didn’t need directions – especially not to Auckland, they wanted to rave about the place they’d stayed and had been watching us down by the lake for a good 20 minutes. They stayed at em gay resort and the people were the kindest people they’d met etc. Truly disgusting.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      yeah bro.
      i’ve been on the run from these vampire trannies every summer for the past few years.
      its a fkn invasion
      not sure if they want to try fk u, kill u, or just suck yr blood, but gives me the creeps either way.
      always used to enjoy the hot pools anywhere i went, now there is no peace, some vampire will always try shimmy up next to you. even with their ‘wives’ in tow.
      truly biblical

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