Breaking – Has Uday Hussein been Found Alive in the USA?


Thought we better chuck in some cultural diversity, before we are handed down another motor vehicle accident, or more parking tickets.

Interesting to note however that Creep Catchers in NZ was shut down by the NZ police and judges within a few months – now effectively outlawed. Can’t have creep catchers running around in their new pedophiles’ paradise obviously.

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10 thoughts on “Breaking – Has Uday Hussein been Found Alive in the USA?”

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    Zaros says:

    If only Uday was still around. Saddam and Uday had things under control and Iraq was a safer place with them around.

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      mediawhores says:

      fk death bro
      fk war
      look it up
      mossad shot at some us troops to make it believable.
      saddam and his gang were long gone.

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        Zaros says:

        War and death are necessary to protect your country and people. What is immoral is waging war on foreign soil, for the benefit of israel. It is all part of the plan for greater israel, being fought by zog governments around the world. Trillions of dollars that should be in the pockets of working people.

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          mediawhores says:

          infowar for now bro
          the number one thing kiwis could do to save themselves, is go vegetarian.
          revert back to the maori diet.
          no red meat.
          no sugar.
          lets get the basics right before we start killing

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    Rillydiculous says:

    Was thinking you could change the – “M” – Twin Pillar, V Saturn, Devil Horns, Crouching Wolf, Virgin Mary LOGO to a Kiwi Bird type setup? It might save any….. confusions? Rep NZ for the good. Christ is rising and always through Jesus.

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      mediawhores says:

      point taken mate.
      but the fact is that all symbols have both positive and negative meanings.
      they are only astrology/ angels/ angles or demons.
      V is for Victory / Virgin Mary.

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        Rillydiculous says:

        There’s no grey area’s or fuzzy sections or blurred truth. There’s only Truth. Truth be told, you’re running a DEEPLY masonic logo. Truth/Christ/Reality are all very palpable, all very tactile, all very grounded. Media Whores logo is as spiritually vacuous as the poor, scared Trannies, faggots & pedos you’all like to focus on. Up in the air like some kind of cheap fireworks show that logo is. Carefully, carefully though. Christ is disgusted and will always rise through Jesus our Lord on this earth. Your Lord is Jesus & he will be there for you as he is through all men & all women.

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          mediawhores says:

          cant be fkd changing it
          i do not worship symbols
          the blog template also uses the colours of saturn, something else we have covered a lot.
          get over it bro
          or set up a blog yrself ….and post over 1000 articles …for free

          1. Rillydiculous says:

            All i’m saying is don’t sell your soul for it. That’s all….. Thanks man

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