Joe Rogan Admits to Injecting Children’s Blood Stem Cells


Joe Rogan Admits to Injecting Children’s Blood Stem Cells

“Stem cell shots in my shoulder today”

“Where did they take them from?”

“Na, they use some other ‘source’  “…..

Hey Joe – where exactly do you think you are going with that stem cell gun in your hand?

Luke 17:33

Check out Tyler’s demon eye/s. That one is off the charts also. The poor lad couldn’t get his water fountain straight. Talk about persecution……

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    Mike says:

    Regarding a Judge Jeff Smith, of the environment court. Who has decided that 1080 poison into and around the Auckland water supply poses no human health risk.

    To not allow the injunction application via an interim injunction.

    This Jeff Smith is the one with the infamous “paedophile” “Satanist” family surname Smith. As per Nick Smith running a nationwide paedophile ring from his National party office in Nelson, and the Smith family who run the (as per the Justin Davis files) paedophile rings based in Havelock North, and under constant police guard.

    This Jeff Smith late last week allowed 1080 poison, to be spread around the Auckland city water supply, so that dead rotting animals and 1080 poison make their way in to the Auckland “peoples” water supply.

    1080 poison is known to cause infertility and still birth and deformed foetuses at parts per trillion, as being both an endocrine disruptor and teratogenic(embryo deforming) agent.

    This Judge Jeff Smith should have left this Court case, once it was brought to the Courts attention that his association with Winston Peters, in Tauranga for over 20 years, leaves a lot to be even marginally suitable. BECAUSE:

    Winston Peters being that treacherous politician who promised a moratorium on 1080 for people to vote for him, then changed his mind once he got the votes from the public “suckers”. Only because of Winston Peters betrayal of NZ voters, was a “hikoi of a poisoned nation”, huge personal and financial cost undertaken.

    Winston Peters association with the Tauranga paedophile ring of Awanui Black, is obvious to those who are able to add up basic numbers. Winston Peters Tauranga drug running with Peter Williams is well documented by Gregg Hallett.

    The connection of Wally Haumaha to the Rotorua Police gang baton rapists, and NZ First as an candidate, and the nationwide paedophile rings, connected to drug trafficking, leaves little to the imagination. With Winston Peters obviously trying all tricks to get him into a higher job at National Police HQ. No doubt to aid and abet and control the Maori side of the freemason Police nationwide paedophile and drug running rings.
    With this Jeff Smith continuing to cover up the evil of 1080 poison, connected well and truly to all of this.

    With Mike Clements the OIC in Tauranga during much of this time, where Jeff Smith played at law, being connected to the massive police cover up in Christchurch of the Council Creche satanic ritual abuse of children. Gregg Hallett covers this massive police cover up in Christchurch in some depth, where this Mike Clements, the offside to Mike Bush, was one of the top dogs. With Christchurch being described by Ian Wishart in 2008, as the satanic hub of NZ police corruption, added and abetted by National HQ. Where Mike Clements and Mike Bush and newly appointed Wally Haumaha are obviously rotten rats, to the core.

    This Judge Jeff Smith, intimately connected to the satanic hub of drug running and paedophile rings in Tauranga, which are behind the 1080 poisoning of the whole of New Zealand agenda, then deliberately railroaded the case:

    Allowed a totally unsuitable and incapable female lawyer to deal with the 1080 injunction.

    A woman Susan Grey, who was described on her facebook comments as having no real idea of the 1080 issue. Who was described in her facebook comments as not providing evidence, covering up evidence, getting rid of evidence, incapable of taking instruction, incapable of recognising specialist witnesses. MEANING a double agent lawyer who cunningly works behind the scenes for anyone except the people paying for the case.

    Refused to allow enough time to have new evidence presented.

    Allowed a case to go forward, knowing full well that the true evidence was being not only withheld, but totally covered up, by others, and also deliberately BY HIM, and then poison the Auckland peoples water supply with 1080 and hundreds if not thousands of rotting dead animal carcases.

    While he should have resigned due to “severe conflict of interest”, with the paedophile and drug running rings and Winston Peters, that are deliberately behind the 1080 poison of NZ. This Jeff Smith might be well better off leaving New Zealand at his very first opportunity.

    I for one would take pleasure in cutting off every finger and thumb of this dirtbag, that signed that satanic poisonous and criminally illegal piece of paper. As a warning to the rest of them that time is up c*nts. Others would prefer the use of a salami slicer after roasting on the spit.

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      mediawhores says:

      they use the famous to promote this shite aye
      thats how they get it to catch on.
      same with hiv, aids etc. all of the hoaxes

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