Breaking – Julian Assange Finally Reveals the Supreme Logic of the Corporate Pedophilia Agenda


More ground breaking never ending ballshite from Assange folks….this is truly exciting stuff…..

Quick summary…

Logic conquers everything……even child sex laws…..if you think about it for long enough.

Mankind is in a “political struggle” – not a spiritual struggle. Because the later would be illogical.

Ignore scripture – because that is illogical also.

Pamela Anderson is a tranny – but I didn’t inhale.

The Israeli diplomatic cables will finally be released….very soon….once we have completely destroyed the USA and the West.

Some of the best cocaine in the world comes through the Ecuadorian Embassy…..

And even the most well trained spies touch their noses when they lie.

Stunning…….Victory is surely just around the corner. Any day soon. Coming in the clouds….

First a quick Assange advertorial for Pantene for Men….




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3 thoughts on “Breaking – Julian Assange Finally Reveals the Supreme Logic of the Corporate Pedophilia Agenda”

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    Anti-mason says:

    lol the Mary Jane definitely helps to look at things from a complete different standpoint.
    Kevin Barry/Nick Smith was an epic spot in one of your previous posts – that lisp is no doubt the result of years of sodomy
    Yeah bro, probably another tranny – perfect for his role of once were warriors, shorty st, etc

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      out there bro.
      save some of that weed for us please 😉
      although we have said worse
      and tm has gone quiet hasnt he. probably sold his ass/ soul for the next level

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