Dairy Farmers are Degenerate Swine



Can’t repeat this enough really.

Dairy farmers are filthy degenerate swine.

The surprising thing is most of these filthy swine claim to be Christians. The very worst of them are in fact Exclusive Brethren  – the biggest satanists of them all – and some say also the biggest pedophiles.

Filthy lying deceiving fake Christians. Who actually believe that their God thinks it is OK to bash animals, stick their hands up their bums and vaginas, steal their kids, and then mass murder them all, either as kids or once their life time of milking slavery is done.

Animal sacrifice and pedophilia. Promised to them by their God – some big old fat Jesuit / fake Jew pedophile in the sky. Or possibly underground somewhere.

Truth is God actually hates the degenerate cunts – and has cursed them, as detailed in the book of Hosea – so that their women no longer produce breast milk (thus the need to steal cows milk) and is also turning most of their children into queers….thus the big push to normalize gay lifestyles and pedophilia…..to try and protect the next generation.

You could almost feel sorry for demented cunts – if they weren’t so fkg evil.

Dairy farmers are hands down the sickest people in our society.

Followed closely by sheep and pig farmers. Then the chicken farmers. Then the rich listers, lawyers and politicians.

And it just gets more and more sick and degenerate each year as their corporate greed and associated psychosis increases.

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5 thoughts on “Dairy Farmers are Degenerate Swine”

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    Cyril says:

    I truly believe and agree with this blog that when New Zealand sorts its diet out then the rest should start to fall into place. Years of ‘science’ has gone into what people consider ‘food’ nowadays .. and looked at what NZ has turned into – New Zombie land. Most people in NZ have a deep freeze filled with body parts and they try to justify it by saying its ‘home kill’.
    Most people are unfortunately riddled with parasites and hardened fecal matter all through their digestive tract and due to the brain, heart and stomach all having the same cellular structure it has completely contaminates and shuts off peoples heart and crown chakras which makes them brain dead and to lack empathy – hence the continual cycle of eating dead flesh without stopping to think about what they’re actually doing – demonic as. NZ is gluttonous to the core.
    Should also mention how depleted NZ soil is most people are so malnourished – its so evident and is a reflection of their food habits.

    Supermarket only stocks toxins – with the occasional bit of food if you’re lucky, though you’ll be paying near double the price.

    Till people stop killing animals for food and they continue to fund the corporate supermarkets selling these ‘products’ run by demonic pedophiles then we will continue to suffer for our sins. Makes for bloody hard yakka sometimes for those of us who do make an effort.

    Our ancestors would be disgusted at how many overweight/obese people there are today

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    Cyril says:

    Cheers man. The less ingredients the better aye bro.
    Even many supplements now days have ‘fillers’ or have gelatine capsules etc.

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      mediawhores says:

      yes mate
      but keep an eye on their ingredients aye. getting longer
      another brand now
      little bird is another excellent one

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