Redhead / RH Negative Gang Stalking Event Christchurch – Reloaded #TheyLive



Re-uploading some of these gang stalking videos

We deleted the old Youtube account because the fake Jews that run the entire internet slave system from Israel kept adding hints and links to our other personal accounts

This one is a classic, but it happens everywhere we go these days.

The Square was almost completely empty when we sat down with that coffee – and before we had finished it, it was swarming with these spies. Around two songs from that busker / 10-15 minutes total. They were all alerted on their cell phones that we were driving into the City, and started showing up/ swarming in within seconds. Fucking snakes.

The Exclusive Brethren must have been upset about yesterdays article because a police car was positioned down the road today as we left home base, then sat there as we returned. Very unusual. That said it could be the police making sure the Brethren do not try a hit and run for all we know. If they are prepared to cover up the slaughter of one of their wives via motor vehicle, obviously they are capable of anything……

It’s a pedophile pyramid of power folks – from the top down. Right up to the fake Royals and the fake Jews who control and bribe them also.

#TheyLive – and they are giving us technology, in exchange for our freedoms – as well as for our blood and sex with human children it would seem also …..

Its a demon prison they have carefully constructed around us…..with the illusion of vanity, fashion and materialism.

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