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That cop sitting down the road yesterday….can’t be ruled out that they are actually making sure the Exclusive Brethren satanic cult do not try a hit and run.  So just removed/ corrected that.

That is obviously the sort of evil shit that the Brethren satanic cult get up to – pure fucking evil…….

You can guarantee the Brethren will be all hooked up on this gang stalking buzz. If not running it.

Drove through Reefton the other day and noticed all ‘the boys’ had gathered at their meeting place to watch out for us. Stopped the car and walked in and said hi. A few of them fled. A few stayed to chat. Then the walkie talkie started going off – which was a bit of a give away. Peter was running the operation and went and turned it off. Peter – there is a cure for your skin condition – and those cunts you work for know it as well, but will never tell you. They prefer to keep you as their slave instead. Study your Santos Bonacci to find it.

It has to be noted that the cops have been very hands off – save for  the odd traffic stop and fraudulent ticket – which can all be explained simply by a degree of infiltration around the place.

Unbelievable really.

In many Nations you would be disappeared  or killed for a blog like this – at least if you believe what they report on ‘many Nations’.

So seems to be at least some rules at play.

They may well be running the entire gang stalking program for all we know – but there is a set of rules at least.

Not with these Google fake Jew niggers though – check this out – they manually place ass bandit Joel MacManAnu$’s’ one off article above our site, which is still the most read website in New Zealand’s history………corrupt as fuck are Google – and soon to decide how much money everyone will be allowed to earn, as well as what direction your car will turn at intersections. Fk that shit……

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9 thoughts on “Mourning News and Retractions”

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    Cyril says:

    You see all these faggot types promoting ‘blood over intent’ and other various sorts of spells using their own blood or the blood of another.

    The fuckers are so dumb and haven’t worked out that Beetroot juice was used for that purpose in ancient times. In fact Beetroot juice was even used as the ink of love and was used as a blood substitute which literally created magic all in accordance with the Dvine law .. not this blood sacrifice pedophilia bullshit..

    Once we as a country start living how we were intended (which comes back to food again and how we manage it) we will literally experience Heaven on Earth the way it was intended. All Herbs and plants have a masculine and a feminine component to it, as well as a medical use and a magical use – ever hear of people carrying lucky beans or seeds etc?

    We used to trade in seeds and beans, herbs and nature was our currency!! A time of no greed or ego .. or carcus crunchers as Santos Bonacci puts it.

    How the fuck did we turn to sodomy, homosexuality and Facebook?

    Like I said in a previous post .. Our Ancestors would be disgusted

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      mediawhores says:

      you are on a role man
      it is these all male secret clubs that currently rule
      decrepit old men now after a life time of beers, dirty jokes and sexual deviancy
      with their women just as cooks and whores. secondary partners in crime.
      and their children as currency

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    Cyril says:

    Well said. Absolute psychopaths. Hell bent on cooking our brains with their ‘smart’ technology.
    Horny demonic perverts the lot of them.

    I truly dont understand how one chooses sodomy and ‘wealth’ over a beautiful truth and loves it. Sickening.
    You can tell the ones who have no soul left in them – again the right diet is necessary.

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      mediawhores says:

      there was a time when i was quite keen on a life of easy money, parties, drugs and hot women.
      in fact i was well on my way when i was somehow thrown quite violently in the complete opposite direction.
      quite mysterious.

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        mediawhores says:

        i think it may have actually worked out just fine – if it weren’t for the fact that everyone else was trying to do it also.
        suddenly – there was no one in the lighthouse at all – and the nation was going to the dogs.
        has gone to the dogs.
        the soul sucked out of it.
        so needs must

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          Cyril says:

          Nice. and I hear ya man. The death of the ego must come before entering this sort of reality to do this sort of work.
          No ones left in the lighthouse bro- especially in this country .. hence why we must become our own lighthouses and beacons and show others the way – those who are ready will heed to our actions and there are many who will cross our path where we must teach them but also learn from them also. Hard yakka at the best of times but its always good to meet people who resonate with you and are on their journey.
          Its as if ‘we have it all’ with the endless woman, partying cruise life etc .. its like mastering the 3D lol .. you have the 3D world at your feet .. then something doesn’t quite seem right and bang …. you’re down the rabbit hole lol, I think the rabbit hole is another name for snake pit lol

          Dedicating our lives to healing the wounds of Whai Repo

          The Holy Spirit had other plans for you bro and looks as though your following your heart

          1. mediawhores says:

            its happening everywhere
            just nowhere in the corporate mainstream
            which has now become a sick joke.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      its like a script to a bad movie aye
      they are all just snakes bro
      from the lower realms
      same old story
      and we all know the outcome already
      fk their housing anyway – who wants to live in a $500,000 toxic prison cell and work 40 hours a week to pretend to own it?
      kiwis, indeed the entire human race should flee into tiny homes and communities.

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