Will the Mossad Send Out their Assassins to the West?



It has been said that they do and will. Even by some Synagogue of Satan Rabbis, but those statements and videos are always removed fairly quickly and are never seen again.

The very best of the prophecy type videos online draw comparisons to the Bible also – with spies sent out to try and kill all of those who were speaking any truth in those days. Same old cycle on repeat.

One thing is for sure – this internet / web thing has been designed to ‘reveal all’ while also slowly identifying those who can see and will not bend over to these Assyrian snakes’ global corporate transgender slave system agenda – and Media Whores may as well have put a giant flash light on our head.

At the local level it is these homosexual/ pedophile Masons and Exclusive Brethren running the show – carefully documenting everything and spying on everything. We have published screeds of examples and it continues to this day. They sent in one old snake to our current location the very day we arrived and he has just sat there parked up in his van doing nothing ever since – over four weeks now – and being instructed to move around to best watch us. We accidentally walked into a local mason controlled store the other day and sure enough, the same old snake walked in a minute later to make sure there was no trouble. He is probably on quite a good daily rate. Just sitting there each day reading his book, watching, with the standard orange high viz jacket over the front passenger seat, their latest swastika.

But for the big jobs – they will bring in the foreign spies.

Same as they did in the Christchurch earthquakes.

It is an important military strategy to use people with no local ties, who can get in quickly and already have an exit strategy planned ie) flights booked and multiple passports to use, again as they did in the Christchurch quakes. This makes tracking and identifying them near impossible. The name that flew into the County is not the same name that flies out.

They will be supported by all of the Sayanim operating within the New Zealand government and police, as well as the NZ SIS who are quite obviously just a ‘Sister’ branch of the fake Jew created and controlled ISIS.

And they always dress down for the occasion. Like poor independent backpackers. Cheap van. Long hair. Shabby clothing. Beards. But the unmistakably arrogant Israeli snake accent. In reality they are highly trained Mossad spies, agents and soldiers. They send the very best for all important International missions.

As we have previous covered – they also choose some important astrological date for their hits. Predetermined and calculated well in advance and based on the target’s birth chart to try and allow for maximum astrological support (the science of light and its effects on this plane), much the same as they did on 911.

Then the local Masons and Exclusive Brethren (who are the same thing, as we have also previously covered) will help set the stage, carefully placing their witnesses all around, including local police, firemen, right down to the neighbors and passers by – all 100% carefully choreographed – no expense spared. They have already spent many millions gang stalking and spying on us by our own calculations. Setting up a bar fight and then rigging the court hearing, High Court appeal and Court of Appeal hearings, plus all the diggers and other contractors they have sent out to annoy us is a good couple million for starters.

Any independent / honest witnesses will be ignored.

As summer approaches, New Zealand will be crawling with them again.

If they do send them in – it will be Jacinda Ardern’s turn to lie those fake teeth out of her mouth and help cover it all up. With the help of the SIS, who will pretend to be ‘on the case’……more acts of treason to add to their never ending list….as these Nazi Zionists march towards their global corporate one big old politically correct pedophile ring World order……

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