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Featured Image – the House of Judah – not to be confused with the Lion with it’s lizard tongue sticking out perhaps. Nor with the House of Israel. 

“There is no such thing as a racial Jew” – Santos Bonacci

Ok – don’t soil your pants – read it through and feel free to comment. 

Who is it that is keeping all of this information flowing???

Interesting to note that the second book of captivity / Babylon states that the Tribe of Judah stand faithful with the Saints.


The King James printed edition actually uses the words “with the Saints” – not “to the Holy One’, so that has been edited more recently online. Essentially it means the same thing – the Saints being faithful to the Holy One – but the intention seems to have been to remove mention of the Saints/ the elect.

So is this another example of one of these subtle edits? Or could it be true?

Note the distinction between the House of Israel and the House of Judah, implying the Jews of the Bible are separate from Israel.

Media Whores is obviously only a beginner in all of this scripture stuff and has only just recently realised that all of these people running the gang stalking program are well versed in it all, and do their very best to hide this knowledge from the rest of us. Or pervert and twist it’s true meaning in the least – as they do with flat Earth and the true human diet. Chuck their relentless kiddie fiddling on top of that also. And their worship of death via all of their corporate funeral homes and morgues – little more than another way to make money for them, and most likely steal organs for the black market also. These are the ones who use scripture as a means of obtaining / retaining control, rather than for its true purpose which is to free. Rest assured, nothing is free with these niggers. Free is a dirty word to them.

So the above quote – if not another of these infamous edits – would support the argument that there are in fact a group of true Biblical Jews out there, who are working away in the shadows trying to bring forth the promised peace and ‘New Jerusalem’ of the Bible, and are doing so by standing in faith, with the word of God, as well as with the saints – who are the ones whom God alone chooses and directs via the Holy Spirit.

We should stress here that Media Whores makes no claim to any of the above at all really. We are just reporting the news, as we see it, and would never pretend to be a saint. The spies who have followed our every move for the past few years would be the first to scoff at that. Although it could probably be pointed out that one’s actions are in reality judged by the intent behind them and not by the moronic morals and dogma fed to us by these creepy satanists that run the show. These half wit satanists that pose as our leadership and power structure hand down their laws, rules, morals and ‘values’ but in truth they themselves have no ethics nor conscience / Christ in them.

What is clear to us however is that there certainly is help coming down from somewhere – not least via all of this knowledge being handed down through the internet.

It tends to come in waves, first it was the astrology and hidden meanings of law and language, then it was flat Earth and the truth about human health and diet. Then all of the transvestigations stuff exposing all of these tranny elites (which is almost all of them it turns out)

Most of that knowledge or ‘leaks’ are then painstakingly censored or removed or ‘debunked’ in the months that follow and you have to know where to look to find them ie) use full title searches and then check on page 2.

All of that knowledge is the stuff that is designed to free. And all of it has been long hidden by the powers that be. At least back as far as when the globe Earth model came along, and more likely since the burning of the Library of Alexandria.

It is knowledge that the Christians should have had and have been preaching, not least given it has all been there written in front of them the entire time.

Christians scoff at it mainly because it interferes with their daily gluttony and ‘God given right’ to endlessly scoff themselves, but not for any more intellectual or spiritual reasons.

Most of this stuff we have picked up from Santos Bonacci who has always been our go to for any real truth or knowledge. And Bonacci quotes and references most if not all of the very oldest texts and writings on record, including Western , Jewish and Persian. In fact Bonacci refers to his work as ‘Ancient Western Astrology’ and constantly draws it all back to Bible scripture.

Check out his reading list sometime – perhaps the most comprehensive reference guide to available knowledge out there

Reading List

Also interesting to note that Bonacci states that there is no such thing as a ‘racial Jew’.

Another quite obvious question we have is just who is making sure this website has stayed up? We have never plugged in even one security system or even upgraded the original template since we started, suggesting someone or group somewhere is helping make sure it is not hacked or taken down. All we have is a password that is about 20 characters long.

We have also mouthed off about Google’s fraud quite a lot, but they could have completely blocked the site if they wanted to – like they do to many of the directory sites these days (their smaller competition).

So who is that? Can’t be the NZ SIS surely.

So who is it that is out there fighting to make sure real information is handed down to the masses – with a view to freeing them (knowledge is power) and ‘revealing all’ ? And in doing so thus ‘standing with the saints’ ?

Perhaps the best answer is – that we will all find out.

“All will be revealed” is in fact a reference to the fact that there is only One truth folks, and only ever has been one.

And our guess is that truth will be the victor.

Sol Invictus.















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