And Now the News….


Featured Transvestites. 

In the news today

ANZ bank appears to be teetering on the verge of outright collapse, according to our economics expert.

In other news…you are what you eat, and so feeding tortured dead animals to your family each day is the most evil thing you could possibly do.

And some big corporates are now sneaking old horse meat into most of your burgers and sausages. No point in letting it go to waste after all.

And thats the news.

Stay tuned for another 4 hours of transvestite snakes dressed in high fashion to further program you and sexualize your children.


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5 thoughts on “And Now the News….”

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      mediawhores says:

      i am leaning more towards the shape shifting demon theory bro
      from the Pitt
      they all seem to play multiple roles – and hard to explain how they pull it off, get from a to b etc
      it is all super natural i think
      agree about tame and gunn though- also the voice. i am good with the voices.
      peter thiel sounds exactly like zuckerberg
      me thinks by the time this id all done bro – it will be plane to see we live in a pitt run by demons, and we are well and truly asleep.
      how many living are there?
      not that many is my guess
      anyway – all you gotta do – is try and stand ground and follow the word.
      no blood is the biggest one
      do not kill.

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        Cyril says:

        Yeah man not of this world, they come from the under world – as you say the pitt bro. Shapeshifters for sure, Im starting to think adrenochrome to them is what water and oxygen is to us, they must need it to survive to keep their form within this reality where underneath they’re just straight demons? So much unnecessary blood gets extracted in this country, a blood bank in every town and when people get blood tests taken they extract far more than whats needed etc – all for the rich to consume at their wee get togethers and xmas parties etc.

        Agreed – diet is key. We are electrical bodies and if we aren’t getting the proper energy then like you say – you open yourself up to them. When our chakras are spinning properly like fan nothing can harm you, when they aren’t spinning then boom they can get ya.

        I honestly couldn’t tell you how many are out there who are living as such – i know theres a few out there. I don’t know whats worse sometimes, being run by pervert demons or how asleep everybody is to whats going on – a lot of them demonically possessed and influenced without knowing it.

        After travelling around New Zealand in recent times I could honestly say that my guess is that at least 75% of New Zealands population are demons. Could be wrong but thats my guess.

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    Cyril says:

    Well said.
    Gelatine is another one that deceives people – disgusting ho they use it as an encapsulating aid for herbal supplements.

    I don’t know whats worse, the fact they put humans into make up, food, fizzy and ‘medicine’ or the fact that people know this and refuse to change their ways? or refuse to even look into it. They’re putting all sorts of hormones and antibiotics into factory farmed meat these days, its reported that chicken is causing girls to have their periods far younger due all the hormones and the satanist fags want exactly that – children having sex from a young age and they want them to develop faster. Truly evil man.

    Any food that has a fancy name to it you can bet anything it has human remains and human hormones that cause issues and thus is why they can’t just call it what it is plain and simple they need a funny name , they want us to become transgender cross dressing cannibals.

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