ANZ Bank Sheds 3.12% in Just One Day ….



[Update 7.13pm NZST – Google now reporting -3.24%, presumably at market close]


Don’t say we didn’t warn you folks.

Google says 3.12% and the NZX is still showing 2.87% – due to the 2 hours extra evening trading in Aussie.

That is over $2.5 billion off their market cap in just one day.

Get down to those ATM’s tonight and gather some cash.

If you can do it online – transfer as much money out of your ANZ accounts and into the safer/ New Zealand owned bank immediately.

The shit could really hit the fan tomorrow.

And we are are betting it will.

Sure these creepy little foreign bank pedophile mafia boys can grab $2.5 billion from somewhere else and be all ready to trade upwards in the morning, but that creates a problem somewhere else also. And lets not forget how much they might have spent propping it up today also – possibly a few more bil.

Alex Bowden is now reporting that ANZ Bank could be history by midday. Has the midas touch does our Alex.


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