BREAKING Global Economic Collapse News – ANZ Bank “Teetering on the Brink” – Alex Bowden



Media Whores senior business and pedo rich lister investigator, the Very Honorable Alex Bowden has submitted his latest report to the Media Whores HQ this morning, claiming that ANZ Bank could now be “teetering on the brink” of outright collapse, based on his dedicated research into their latest scams and fraud, usually very carefully hidden behind pages of terms and conditions written by a team of corporate pedophile lawyers, that the Goy slaves are expected to sign and agree to, usually on the spot.

“What they do, is they increase your overdraft limit without telling you, then add on extra fees for the privilege, then write to you and tell you that those extra/ hidden fees have now put you over your limit, and then add on more fees”.

“This is, in my expert opinion, an obvious sign of a business that is about to topple over” continues Alex.

“It has long been said that the fake Rothschild/ Redhead Jews plan to completely collapse their counterfeit banking system across the West as they all flee back to the safety of Israel and the broader Middle East, or what they used to call Phoenicia,   now that they have used our tax money to bomb it to smithereens, it is now in need of a rebuild and they are clearly the most qualified to do it”.

“It is my professional opinion, based on many years research into all of this shit – that ANZ will be the first to go”.

“I am putting out a ‘Sell NOW’ advice on all ANZ related investments and stocks  and advise all Kiwis as well as ANZ customers overseas to transfer as much out of their ANZ accounts as they possibly can IMMEDIATELY , and put it into locally owned and operated banks, as well as cash and precious metals, with enough left over to stock up on dried foods, non iodized salt, water filters, and propane gas. And tobacco..papers and filters”.

It seems the race is on…..don’t let us hold you up folks. He who logs in last loses….. if Alex’s prediction is correct.

Thanks Alex.



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