Facial Recognition App Will Control Your Ability to Purchase


Featured Image – from Twitter today


While busily trying to help collapse ANZ Bank today, along with the pedophile Nazi wankers that run it, Media Whores was reminded as to why we sit here doing this shit for 2-3 hours per day, most days.

These fkg lunatic corporate cunts seriously think they are going to get the entire population to go along with facial recognition software on your iPhones to be able to buy and sell.

What’s up?

You are being fucked up the ass mate. And the worst part is, you signed up for it voluntarily.


Or how about

#FuckOffYouSickPedophileNaziCunts ? Could that catch on perhaps?

This poor sod above blocked today for no apparent reason. As will happen to all of us. Media Whores would be lucky to be able to even get a sim card working on one of these new high tech cell phones these days. Already banned from Trade Me for exposing these Nazi corporate pedophiles.

Folks – we are human beings. Must we be reminded? This is our home, our planet.

The sun comes up – food grows. You harvest it each year for a few weeks, you preserve the fruit, bottle some oil, trim the wool, and gather the wood/ fuel.

You live. You give thanks and praise.

In fact you can pretty much take the rest of the year off. Brew some wine or beer, or grow some dope if you think it will help.

But fk all the rest of this shit.

It has just become ridiculous.

And if you are one of these creepy little cunts, like Steve Wall of Auckland, who sits there each day trying to poke fun at what we are doing – well, you are a brainless cunt. And will most likely end up ‘facial recognizing’ into your pedophile iPhone each day to eat, while still telling yourself you are smart.

Fuck off cunts.

Media Whores – and arguably 144,000 others like us – will bring your Nazi shit tumbling to the ground in one day – with one fkg hand tied behind our back, while rolling cigarettes. And it will not be pretty. That’s probably a couple thousand in Australasia alone, if you do the math.

PS: down almost 3% in one day, thats around $2.4 billion off the market capitalization. Not bad, and surely about time our work was recognized…..





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