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As we all know – but many do not like to openly admit – New Zealand and indeed most of this planet now has been invaded, corporatised and taken over by a small bunch of inbred demonic faggots and pedophiles, that call themselves Jews.

As we all know – they are not Jews at all because Judaism is a religion and not a race to start with.

What they actually are is a bunch of inbred blue blood/ Rh negative serial rapists and child abusers who by way of deceit, lies, fake science, fake news and staged terrorism, have managed to crawl their way back up to the top rungs of our communities and society, where they now perch themselves, like a breed of parasitic pedophile vermin, preaching to the rest of us about how we should live our lives, what we should aspire to, and how we should all try to compete with them in a rigged game of how many corporate assets you own, so you can all show off like they do and afford to cover up your own relentless pedophilia via the corrupt legal system, which they also own and run. Between them they have now sexually abused so many children, including their own, that they have simply legalized the practice and called it ‘gay rights’, so that they may successfully hand the reigns of corporate ownership and control of everything down to the next generation of demoniacally possessed / Nazi faggot children.

Unfortunately, trying to have sex with children and other men’s MacManAnus’s does not appeal to normal healthy human beings and thus this dream being sold to us by these inbred corporate Nazi faggots has little or no appeal.

Thus we need to seek out other solutions

And here is one of the best ones Media Whores has seen of late.

Now we stress here that we do not know who owns that website – haven’t looked it up and don’t care anyway. We have had no communication with them and they might even be upset to see their website mentioned on the only real news source in New Zealand – who knows – don’t care –  It is a good idea non the less and deserves a mention.

If you are a Kiwi with any conscience, and have some spare land sitting their doing nothing, you should sign up to this website and offer it up to others for private lease.

Private land lease is quietly ignored by the entire fake Jew owned homosexual fascist / corporate system because it is a direct threat to their real estate and mortgage businesses – the very core of their social control mechanism – housing and lending (slavery).They want all of the Goy locked away inside their new toxic Chinese building material designed shoe boxes, signed up to 35 year slave mortgages, paying off money that they printed out of thin air anyway, sending your kids off to one of their pedophile ring churches and schools each day to be taught about their ‘homosexual lifestyles’, climate change, and space.

You will notice Trade Me does not have a land lease option, and nor does anyone else.

This is because it is a huge threat to these Nazi sickos – and thus should be encouraged.

Kiwis are now being poisoned and worked to death in these new ‘smart’ super cities – which are little more than open air prison camps run by these Nazi/ Zionist prison guards – no different to the picture painted of the prison camps in WWII, except this time these wankers have figured out it is far better to let you all pretend you are actually free.

The more Kiwis who sell up, get a caravan or build a tiny home and move back out into the thousands of acres of beautiful peaceful countryside we have here, the better. Once enough people have done it, we could then simply march back into the cities one day and round up these corporate Nazi crettons, and finally hold them to account.

Time to flee Babylon folks for your own health and safety.

Media Whores is seeking further comment from real estate experts Mike Bayley and Luke Dallow…..on what they think about leasing land privately – with no real estate agents, mortgages or fees…..


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