Yup – ANZ Bank is Tumbling Today !



Check it out folks…..tumbling yes, but could it become a free fall before the end of the day?

Within 30 mins of Media Whores posting our latest economic collapse prediction ….ANZ bank shares tumbled 14 cents or 1-2% of their value, wiping out around $800 million AUD of their $95 billion AUD market cap within an hour or two.


It looks as if the Rothschild/ Orsini money counterfeiters have since quickly topped it back up again to make it look like there is no problem – but the big question is, how long can they afford to keep doing that?

The underlying issues obviously still remain, that being the theft of money off their clients.

Alex Bowden advises us that his call remains the same folks – sell, sell, sell – as fast as you can.

And transfer whatever funds you can away from ANZ and into something more locally owned – as fast as you can. get down to a local ATM if you can’t do it on line and grab as much cash as you can. Just in case things get worse.

Let’s be honest here – no one in the mainstream media is going to warn you before it happens are they?

You are welcome.



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