John Key Statement On ANZ Free Falling Stock Price


Featured image – a well timed snap shot of John key at the very moment in which he becomes sexually aroused by some Goy children in the audience. 


Well, they fell another 1.2% today folks, which equates to around another $1.2 billion off their value.

That is around 5% in just 2 days, or around $4 billion of value wiped off the map.

Our guess is a huge effort went into pumping the stock back up today, in preparation for what could have been the end of ANZ bank, according to our expert Alex Bowden.

One wonders just how much of their own stock they now own – and if there are really any investors in ANZ bank left at all?

As we are seeing with the likes of the NZ Companies Office, Trade Me and other large on line service providers, many of these companies just make up numbers, records, data and statistics to suit themselves these days, so really there is no way of knowing if ANZ actually has any value at all. Possibly not.

One thing is for sure – if you put your hard earned money towards these imaginary on line ‘assets’, you are a new age fruit loop who needs their head read, and one day you can guarantee these inbred snake bastards will steal it all from you. For that is there only agenda, as it always has been, manufactured crisis after manufactured crisis.

The smart money invests in real assets like land, silver, gold, resources etc.

The share market is nothing more than an on line casino and ‘the House’ always wins – sooner or later.

We will try to keep you updated, but our guess is ANZ will plummet again when markets open on Monday and could be down as much as 50% by mid next week, depending on how much data they manipulate and falsely report, so anyone with any sense will sell up and transfer their funds elsewhere ASAP.

We should all be banking locally anyway as it leads to increased local investment, and jobs.

ANZ have fired most of their staff in the past 7-8 years and closed down most of their branches, while also quadrupling their fees. Why the hell would anyone support them back?

In regards John Sleezeball Key’s statement, we have not seen one today, so we thought we would issue a statement to him instead.

John – you are a cunt. Nobody likes you. Nobody ever did like you, we are sure you will agree. We are sorry if you got fiddled with as a child – as seems to be the custom and tradition among your tribe – but this doesn’t give you the right to go around fiddling with everyone else’s kids mate. You need a right old slap. As do all of you other kiddie fiddling rich listers and politicians. Here is a worthwhile challenge for you inbred demons – try to stop sexually abusing your own children – even with the view to missing out just one generation – and see if the curse gets lifted from you. We understand that you do it for power and money, and that you think that will help make people like you – but as you know it never does – they just use you for your money and then make jokes about how goofy you are behind your backs. Cast your nets to the other side – stop sexually abusing your children, and set them free……and surely the Creator will respond in kind and stop turning you all into fruit loop swine and the laughing stock of the Nation’s that you leach off, like blood sucking parasites.







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