Proof Google Wiped Out Half Our Funding Overnight – for Announcing the Tax Free NZ Republic


Featured Image – Google 666 – telling you who they are. Nazi Zionists

Below are two charts that have been sent through to us today from the hosting guys who help us with keeping this site live.

They show quite clearly that Google wiped out around 50%of traffic to their two biggest income earning websites pretty much overnight when we announced the idea of forming a new tax free Republic. This was the article below on August 23rd

Crowd Fund The New Zealand Republic

Allow us to explain

Google, along with Apple, Facebook and all of the other tech giants, who all essentially work together as one, are now your Government – the rest is just theater.

Google and the rest of these large tech companies are run by Nazi Zionists. Nazi being the same word as Zionist and based on the Hebrew word Nasi, which means high priest…of Saturn.

These power hungry Saturn/ Satan worshiping slime ball kiddie fiddling Persian snakes and their redheaded / ‘Roman’ soldiers (these rich powerful redheads we are taking about – as well as quite a good portion at ground level)  now rule the entire World via these tech companies – as well as all of the other global corporates – as evidenced in all of the Saturn/ Satan symbols they use….namely the rings of Saturn and the black cube/ hex/ curse/ 666 hexagon of Saturn.

Most if not all of these companies are now tax free – and the people of all the nations they operate in are their slaves – who pay all of the taxes, while their water, food, science, media, education, health and politics are all poisoned so as to keep them all dumbed down and thus easier to control.

Mostly the tax free status is achieved by paying ‘licensing fees’ about equal to the actual profits they earn in every nation they are raping, so that there is no actual income left on which to pay taxes. You will note the Exclusive Brethren “NC” saturn logo up their also – they pose as churches, religions, science, whatever it takes, as long as it means they will have all of the power, money and control. They don’t give a fk, as long as they get to have all the power and make all the money. And put their hands up cows bums. Thus why they have always been referred to as ‘the fake’ Jews. Not least the redhead  ‘Orthodox’ fake Jews, whose job it is to complain about being ‘persecuted by the Zionists’ all day long, while blatantly wearing their black Saturn hats, cutting off their children’s foreskins as a blood sacrifice to Saturn,  and never actually speaking out about any of the real truth, not least of which being that interest on money / usury is the cause of 90% of all poverty and crime. These whiny Orthodox Jews are quite possibly the ones actually running the entire show.

The God of these kiddie fiddler fake Jews and their Nazi/ Nasi redhead foot soldiers –  Satan/ Saturn – DEMANDS blood sacrifice from his followers in order to grant them power here on Earth. And the more innocent the blood the better, thus all of the ongoing pedophilia scandals and child sacrifice scandals, such as Pizza Gate and our own Justin Davis Files, Palmy Creep Catchers and historic child sex abuse cases, none of which are ever investigated. This is quite obviously because the entire Hebrew/ Nazi/ Nasi run system is based on child abuse and child blood sacrifice, as well death in general, as well as dairy farming and other forms of mass blood sacrifice animal farming. Evidenced again by simple things such as their refusal to legalize cannabis for medicine, or even as a healthy form of recreation, then skillfully replacing all of the tinny houses around the Nation with WINZ sponsored meth houses instead.

Andrew Szusterman & the Sexual Exploitation of Kiwi Youth

This entire global corporate system, now being ‘upgraded’ into a global IT system – is run by these fake Jew and Nazi child abusers, for fake Jew and Nazi pedophiles….and their worst possible nightmare is the actual people of the Nations they control standing up, in dominion and reclaiming their own sovereignty, quite obviously because the very first things they would do, and always have done, is stop paying income taxes, tax the corporations instead, and then start hunting down all of the pedophiles in their communities.

Thus – presumably – why Google took the action we have detailed above.

And if nothing is done – Google will soon determine everyone’s income in New Zealand – based on how much of a pedophile satanist, or potential pedophile satanist you are, with all of the biggest pedophiles in the Nation, appearing at the very top of Google search results, and/or working at the very top levels of the fake puppet governments, councils and large corporates. Satan’s pedophile and blood sacrifice paradise.

And that folks – is the very best summary of things you will see anywhere on the internet.

With the small addition of the fact that once they have finished making the entire situation look completely hopeless – they then plan to offer up global Islam as their solution.

‘Islam will conquer the World’ – ‘Jewish’ Russian Rabbi

And perhaps another small addition – that complaining about it all via the internet is probably just as hopeless.



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