Has New Zealand been Invaded & Taken Over by Nazi Pedophiles? Rod Drury


Featured Image – Rod Drury of Xero with secret (although fairly obvious) tranny Julie Biphop

Has New Zealand been Invaded & taken Over by Nazi pedophiles?

Same Nazi/ nasi/ nutso pedophiles raping and pillaging their way around the globe isn’t it?

So much for least we forget

We need to evict these sick fks.

The entire planet does.

They are complete psychopaths

They follow Talmudic Law to get their power – and it starts with the pedophilia…..


Rod Drury in the Justin Davis Elite Pedophile Ring Leaks……

Dan Dolejs used to live in Hamilton, friends with pedo’s hilton bennett, William Lynn, Garry Judkins etc. He is an American , tied into huge financial crime involving m.y.o.b. , his company is white knight investments. The loan sharks in Hastings that financed m.y.o.b. In 92 where called white knight finance! The accountant involved in large scam was john dent, still listed as a consultant. The other big figure involved was Rod Drury

“white knight” is nazi code

John key in meeting with pedophile that bank rolling child sex trafficking here in New Zealand

the guy that got burned was yr ex father in law?

yeah i saw that

can you please tell me about Rod Dury? we spoke about him, but dont have anything in writting

He didn’t get badly hurt. But his mate did. I think the guy that did it only got light sentence

they are all Jewish mate- the guys running it all


there goes Rod Dury advertising for jews to come to auckland

google- jewish child sacrifice

M.y.o.b. and xero are connected

Both started in 92

tell me about Rod Dury

Drury was behind the thief of m.y.o.b.

You can Google the money swaps behind the two companies

I met drury in 92. At a department of Labour – small business start up course, I forget the proper name. It was a course to start your own business. If business plan is approved you get enterprise allowance. When was 6 months of $200 a week back then

My business plan was done by John dent. The accountant I had helping me, for 5% of the net profit

He still listed as consultant to m.y.o.b.

you said above that Rod Dury bank roles child abuse rings? Any evidence of this?

Which is a bit odd for a firm claimed to have started in aussie, to be using a average hawkes bay accountant

Drury got a accountant that was still at university. Gave him 4.5% , thinking he was being clever than me.

I sign contact with John dent for 5% of net profit. Drury used full shares in business

Xero design was based on m.y.o.b. design. The same design. My original paperwork with idea it would be cloud storage instead. As so they were same business

The cloud idea was original idea for later development in m.y.o.b.

First step after design was completed was to get software up and running. So there was product that could be sold

Cloud idea was for a later development originally

There a lot to it.

Priority now is medical treatment and safe place to be

Have you done anything about hamilton pedophiles ?

I gave you name of guy selling the kiddie rape drugs there

There was nurse recently caught stealing 5000 units of profopol – the stuff that killed Michael jackson

She claimed it was for her personal use !

No way

She was selling it to someone

I suspect the pedos

A doctor gave me a list of drugs that can be used for date rape drugs. For my personal tests on my own body. That drug was on list

There something about bodybuilding products used to make g.h.b. for date rape drug

In news yesterday or day befor

For Ewen Mcdonald , hero


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