Queenstown to be Renamed Kingstown



Queenstown is to be renamed Kingstown

Funny the stuff we come up with sometimes.

The name we shall use in the new Republic shall be Kingstown.

Locals need not panic – can be done in good time, or even just casually if you prefer.

And more than happy to rename ‘Kingston’ to Queenstown if it helps elevate any political concerns.

Kim Dotcom and the other foreign rich listers hiding out down that way – you guys should be concerned – not least if you gained entry to our Nation unlawfully and by deceit.

As should Judge Kevin Phillips whose entire career will be audited and reparations made to those he is found to have harmed.

And Margaret McSweeney of the Queenstown District Court – you are in all sorts of trouble also.

Those who are quietly confident that they have done no harm on the other hand, we wouldn’t be losing any sleep.






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