The Entire Conspiracy is about Covering Up Intergenerational Pedophilia



Those alleged to be associated with Media Whores now essentially find themselves in the same situation as the Palmy Creep Catchers….facing “Digital harm” charges for allegedly exposing pedophilia allegations in New Zealand.

here are some photos from the Palmy Creep Catcher’s work – fully grown men who apparently spend at least part of their days on line trying to make sex dates with underage boys…and the odd girl…..and all protected by the NZ Police and local authorities….

Justin Davis was forced into homelessness and had to flee for his life for exposing alleged high powered pedophiles, almost all of whom were in Chess clubs oddly enough…and again, no arrests…some have been exposed as top level masons….

Greg Hallett was exiled from New Zealand when he started exposing pedophilia allegations and alleged pedophile minders – most of whom were high powered politicians or married to such…….

the Pizza Gate scandal in the USA totally silenced and covered up – with the mainstream media labeling it all a “conspiracy theory” the very same day the story broke. There was no investigation at all…..

And of course the Westminster Scandal – which was never investigated either. Thousands of victims.

Now the police are apparently trying to arrest and charge people for allegedly exposing child abuse ring allegations on this website, and drug traffickers and corrupt politicians and court staff……..

There is a blanket code of silence in New Zealand -and it seems abroad also – when it comes to the ‘business’ of child abuse.

It appears to be a family tradition – passed on down. Called ‘Satanism’. Often posing as religion, but almost always associated with money and power.

Continuously covered up over the generations….hundreds if not thousands of cases… is industrial scale….highly organized….

And the powers that be send the justice system after people when they start to wake up…and speak out.

Mind boggling isn’t it.

And probably important to note – that behind the justice system and these ‘Mark of Cain’ soldiers of the corrupt system we live in  – are what appears to be a reptilian race – no doubt the ones who started doing the raping to begin with, and thus started the curse……presumably the ones who call themselves Jews, while dining out on pulled pork sandwiches……

If you go by scripture, this is all so called “revelations” and the ‘red dragon’ / first beast falling from the sky – and then they all go after the second beast – which will be Islamic Inc – with all of the very worst being promoted to the top of that gang presumably also…..same shit all over. And same reptile money men/ bankers behind it all. It is a beast system that they run. Unless humanity decided to depart from their reptile mind control bullshit for once…and follow the actual  law instead….do not kill, etc….And stop pimping out their kids to the reptile bankers/ money men for a living…..

Oranga Tamariki-ministry-children-new-zealand-adrenochrome

The entire corporate beast system is betting against that of course, as well as all of the beasts within it. “Fk the kids” so to speak – we need a new 4wd upgrade and extension on the dairy farm. Or “fk other peoples kids” more like it. Everyone shitting on their neighbours, as long as they can get to the next level.

Usury insures this beast system it should be noted. If you lend out 100 million to a community, and they have to pay back 110 million, rest assured, there is going to be a shit fight sooner or later. And those Satan worshiping money changers, they are in the salvage business, ready to collect on the 10% who go broke each cycle. And they want your souls, and your children’s souls…..

Obviously we are not doing a sales pitch for Islam – but it is an plain as day that those money changers are the problem. Some Christians may recall it was actually Jesus that said that was it not?



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