Lee Chisholm – Netsafe Operations Manager & the Ongoing Homosexual Pedophilia Cover Ups


Featured Image – Netsafe’s Lee Chisholm – dressed in her colours of Saturn/ Yahu purple.


Lee Chisholm was the lady from ‘Netsafe’ NZ who actioned a complaint about Media Whores recently.

The complaint was received via email, and the article they mentioned was slightly modified the same day and the new link sent back. We did not hear back.

Netsafe Warning – Media Whores is an Irresponsible Broadcaster

Netsafe are the ‘approved agency’ for enforcing the new Digital Harm legislation.

Despite the example of above of a complaint being addressed easily and peacefully over email, last Monday the police where sent in to investigated another complaint, arresting the wrong man, seizing his computer and cell phone (also his business tools and thus source of income), then threatening to use force against him if he did not provide a DNA sample, then bailing him to one address for a week to await a hearing.

‘Media Whores’ Raided by Police & Computers Seized

Due process of the Digital Harm legislation was not followed in the above case.

ie) the Digital Harm Act is now being used for politically based harassment and persecution and silencing of a free press, using vague 1984 / Soviet State styled terms such as ‘agency’, ‘harm’, ‘negotiation’ and ‘persuasion’.

In fact it appears as if the entire process under the Digital harm Act was bi-passed in the above case, because the man in question had been searching on Google Maps for camping spots around Queenstown the night before and is now bailed to a fixed address meaning he can no longer travel – suggesting direct input from either the GCSB and/or SIS, who appear to be spying on us Kiwis in real time

Netsafe advertise homosexual / gay sex dating Apps to children on their website – literally linking to them in their ‘child safety’ section.

Netsafe’s Martian Cocker – is Netsafe Run by Homosexual Pedophile Aliens?

Netsafe now have an all new section in their “Young People’s” section explaining how to “safely” send nude photos of yourself online

Nudes – Info for young people

Netsafe have remained silent on the arrest and prosecution of Connor Bevans who exposed large scale homosexual pedophilia around the Taupo and Palmerston North regions and was then arrested and put on trial for doing so. None of the alleged pedophiles were arrested and charged, and the protection of under age children using those adult sex dating Apps was never questioned, not least by Netsafe, who remained silent.

[BUMP] Palmy Creep Catchers – Will the NZ Justice System Attempt to Legalise Pedophilia on May 15th?

Netsafe have remained silent on the Justin Davis Files which are published on line and expose large scale highly organized pedophilia and pedophile rings operating in New Zealand involving top doctors and dentists and even some Ministers of the Crown.

Netsafe NZ’s CEO – Martin Cocker on Palmy Creep Catchers, the Secret Pedophile Agenda…& Shape Shifters…

And now people loosely associated with Media Whores are being raided, arrested, put on restrictive bail conditions and hauled before judges for exposing all of this as well other Government and corporate crime and pedophilia allegations.

Child sex enthusiasts and/or pedophiles are quite clearly setting the agenda in our Nation folks and apparently also running the justice system.

We are living in a the twilight zone. Quite possibly nearing the end of days…..




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