Bump – ‘Islam will conquer the World’ – ‘Jewish’ Russian Rabbi



Might bump this one again – have we figured it out yet folks?

All religion is Jewish mind control. Their so called Beast System

If you want to pretend to be ‘spiritual’ – then follow scripture, not the fake Jews. Do not kill, do not eat flesh, do not use lawyers, do not use your legal name, love thy neighbor etc……

If you are not following the actual law – then bugger off with your ‘religion’ BS. You are an idiot – from whatever side – and do not qualify for the debate.

Not that Media Whores claims to be a saint – but we can at least figure out the basics. Scripture is not religion. And the only way to find out who  ‘God’s chosen people’ are – is quite obviously to ask upstairs.

PS – you live on a flat disc plane. Not a planet. Just jump up in the air one day and see if you land in the same place. Case closed. And you are not a monkey. A monkey is a monkey. You are a human being.


always do opposite of what Jews say



Youtube have removed this video from our last post – but someone else has re uploaded it

Check out this dude – shape shifting Persian snake from the Pitt.

Russian / Soviet Jews Run Islam….

The really sad thing about all this is that all of these religions are made up by the same elite Persian families anyway. And they are all just based on the same astrology.

Knowledge is the only power – and they keep all of that knowledge from us.


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