Claims Prince Harry will be Attending Christchurch District Court Tomorrow


This just in folks…

“Thought you would have figured this out by now mate – Prince Harry’s ‘tour’ of New Zealand was announced just days after you guys announced a new tax free Republic. On the itinerary is Abel Tasman National Park. You or whoever it is/ was arrested last week and bailed to appear in the Christchurch District Court tomorrow/ Monday 29th. All planned in advance. Word in the intelligence community is that Prince Harry will be attending the court hearing tomorrow, in heavy make up or a wig and dressed like a lawyer. They just use a body double at the official location. He is flying into ChCh by military helicopter, possibly today. They want to see it all go down. Not sure what the plan is because it is very much top secret info, but wouldn’t rule out they plan to have you arrested in the court, then chloral hydrate spray, then God knows what, possibly a time delay vaccine in the cells, then you just start getting crook in the months to come. Or Prince Harry will pay you a visit in the cells maybe. Might pay to publish that, or pass it on to the dude anyway. And yes, Kim Dotcom does now run your justice system that is why the meth and child abuse is now legal. He will have a live stream from a hidden camera in the Court house. And you can almost guarantee the judge will be about as compromised as Sean Elias’s husband, if you know what I mean”. – Prince of Spain

Dear God. Could it be true?

Wouldn’t rule it out.

The Nazi New Zealand Government are now arresting Kiwis based on ‘allegations’ that they hurt someone’s feelings on line, then forcing them to take DNA tests, seizing their computers and other assets for search, bailing them like prisoners, without even showing the actual name of the complainant or even the allegation itself.

The man who was arrested assures Media Whores he is of 100% sound mind, and body – “never felt better” to be exact, and has never considered ‘self harm’ in his for a taste for the tobacco…and three or four day benders which ended some years back.

The public are encouraged to try and get down to that court house tomorrow morning folks – so there might at least be some independent witnesses to tell the tale……




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