Sky Dome Atlantis – its a Pedophile Lizard Invasion of Planet Earth


Featured Image – the androgynous ‘liberals’ from TOS video below. Who are actually reptile alien snakes. And another ‘liberal’ German MP it should be noted. 

Well – nobody wants to be the guy on the internet talking about an alien invasion.

But once you have investigated all other avenues, and finished pointing the finger at everything else – what is left becomes the most obvious answer. Or whatever that fake Jew said

Folks – we have a pedophile lizard invasion.

The so called Blue Bloods, who have raped and pillaged their way around the Earth for generations now, spreading their reptile DNA and seed.

And it appears very much as if the richest of them have been going about building some sort of ‘Sky Dome’ Atlantis type mega city upstairs, their so called rebuilding of the Temple – the Jews being the snake God chosen people.

Although if you think about it – what these guys are seeing with these devices shown in the video below could actually be the reflection off the dome of an underground city they are building also. Some say all lights in the sky are merely reflections from a hole in the ground at the North Pole. we would tend more towards that theory. They have probably even deceived most of the reptiles into thinking it is ‘heaven’ in the sky also, when actually they will all be living underground, in the so called ‘Pitt’. Told them all they are going to go live on ‘Mars’. ‘Atlantis’ has always been underground. And this is where these demons come from.

It should be noted that not all of the reptiles are all that happy about the plan – most of them have had no choice in the matter either – much like us – and it seems to us that quite a few of them would rather just stay up here. Again it is these megalomaniac reptile rich lister reptile types running everything.

This is obviously where all of the money is going. The entire planet nailed to the ground with taxes, with record breaking farming and production of everything everywhere, never ending ‘record profits’ and yet no money available for anything – except ever more production. The actual standard of life of humans continuously falling. More and more work and becoming sicker and sicker.

Everything will be connected via the internet and ‘smart city’ grid. Thus why they are herding all of the human slaves into those smart cities, via the 1080 etc. Where they can be better trained, poisoned and crippled, before they are all taken away. It appears they have to modify the DNA of humans before they can take them – thus all of those additives in the food supply, and the chemtrails. Assange did actually disclosed this recently with his ‘evil black dust’ video. The internet and ‘cell’ phones are then finishing everyone off, frying their organs and DNA on a daily basis.

This stuff below folks – is now the very leading ‘truth’ research available on the internet. Believe it or not. And all very much Biblical. You will know them by their deeds etc. Snakes. And it must be noted that Bonacci has missed it, although he did provide guidelines to avoiding most of the traps – except the big one, the inter-net trap.  TOS 6 had it right, a long time ago.

If you want to follow this research – just search Youtube or Google for ‘sky dome Atlantis’ – many people cracking onto it.

Have to admit it looks like a fairly hopeless situation to us now. When the police are working for them, arresting people for them, stealing their DNA, sending them to court, where they will not even let you in the door because they do not want you in front of a judge, speaking on the public record. Oh yeah and chemtrailing directly and heavily over your head all week while you wait for the court hearing.

Perhaps the most encouraging thing is – if you go by the historical record – human beings do actually survive all of this – but possibly only in a very subsistent/ basic form – the so called ‘meek inheriting the Earth’ – people like Sean Hross who are roaming around homeless in the bush, and know how to survive. Then the problem being that the reptile seed survives down here also, and then grows along with us. Probably more accurate to say that the Jews who run this farming program for their snake God/ Satan deliberately leave behind some pure human DNA, as well some snake DNA ones, so as to make sure the whole process continues for another cycle. Farmed like cattle. You are what you eat – no different to those cows you see in the fields.

No comment yet from Mc ManAnus – nor anyone else in the corporate media for that matter

This has been a free public announcement service. Although admittedly has also served to suck people more into the ‘net’. The less time you  spend on your ‘cell’ phones and the internet – as well as out of those new ‘smart’ cities – the healthier and safer you will be.

Disclaimer – Media Whores is not Kent Brockman. Any remaining humans are highly advised to keep their souls. Regardless of the cost – because the other option is an eternity in hell…..essentially as a worker bee robot with memory implants of your previous life, on repeat, for ever. The soul long gone. The advice has always been – whatever the cost – keep the soul – or be sure to take it with you when you leave! How is this done? Very very simple. Follow your ‘gut’ / instincts not your head / what they have conditioned you to think or believe. 

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