The Androgynous Snake / Reptile People have Inverted Genitalia


Featured Image – Kim Dot Schlomo – NZ’s new chief justice – under a high frequency UV light 

The androgynous snake people that have invaded and taken over our Nations have inverted genitalia which are usually hidden away inside their bodies and only come out on ‘rear’ occasions. They are often a hooked like shape with strange spikes and other scaly type shapes on them for both protection and to allow them to cling on and attach to their victims.

If they mate with each other the result is usually an egg which hatches some years later, but they obviously cannot mate with human beings without being discovered for what they are – so usually try to have anal sex, as in offer up their anus’s to the human being instead. Obvious this does not result in any eggs, and thus the huge market these days for surrogates as well as the child kidnapping rings and new ministries for poor children.

Thus also explaining the giant push towards anal sex in our societies these days by all of the corporations and governments these snakes now own and run.

This is a very brief introduction to snake mating.

Oh yeah, and most of them have no voice boxes, because that is a very awkward surgical procedure.

Media Whores is reaching out to the following ‘leaders’ for further comment and clarification…..

Snake mating videos below – but first up a quick ad from Sam Survived the Ovens explaining how financial slavery will be sold to you in Hell for an eternity, once you agree to get the microchip, and take it up the backside for a living….


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