The ‘Sky Dome’ is Actually the ‘Sky Pit’ – Project Blue Beam


What these researchers are calling the ‘Sky Dome Atlantis’ is in fact an underground City of these demon ‘liberal’ snakes, being reflected off the Dome above our heads, from the North or South Pole. Probably the South. Only flat Earthers will get that.

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And those still catching up – just file that statement away for later – because you will shortly start to see all sorts of ‘wonders’ in the skies above, all of which are just projections from the Pit below., the home of these androgynous ‘liberal’ demons and snakes that are now moving around and living among us….thanks to the technology and ‘cell’ phones.

They are going to release Apollo/ Appollyon , their snake God, along with all sorts of crazy stuff. So called Satan floating around in the clouds, posing as an ‘Angel of Light’.

As nuts as its sounds

The Pied Piper is coming…..

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