How to Read the Corporate / Communist News – the West Coast Corporate Welfare Bribe Decoded


Featured Image – a collection of the  new age private corporate (communist) rats in our midst…

A tax payer funded system of governance has no business handing out corporate welfare. That is what communists do. These days the public are so beaten down and numb to all of the corruption, they just accept it as normal. Hands up who in this Nation thought they were voting for Jacinda Ardern – the Russian Tavistock trained agent – so she could help bail out more corporations? And if you want to “create jobs” – the best way to do it is to simply remove or reduce income taxes and red (communist) tape,  not bail out companies.


“Tourism, technology and dairy are set to benefit from a $140 million investment in the West Coast.

[More privately owned corporations, most of them owned and run by fellow inbred family members, are getting a $140 tax payer funded windfall – referred to as corporate welfare and no different to how the Soviet communist regime operated – so they can continue to plunder the local environment and resources, at your expense. This loan will be recouped from you the tax payers via your income taxes and soon to be announced rates increases. Some of you may be granted jobs with these corporations, at minimum wages, as long as agree to dress up each day in masonic orange high-vis health and safety gear, hand over your children to our day care centers to be brainwashed and brow beaten with Globe Earth/ Darwinian monkey man bullshit, Jewish holocaust worship bullshit, and homosexual lifestyles bullshit…..and then vaccinated, and you yourself must also swear allegiance to the gay rights movement/ if not start actively participating in it….For we are kind]. 
Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones has this afternoon revealed details of a Provincial Growth Fund package designed to strengthen the region’s economy and create new jobs.

[$5 million of the money has already been spent on all the best hotels, lavish all night drinking and feasting sessions at the very best restaurants, as well as top class business class travel, plus a little extra for hard core porn movies on one MP’s expense account. Shane Jones’ belly has increased another 3 inches in size you will notice – this is the only receipt for this expenditure you will see. The other 95% has been promised in late night sweet heart deals with no thought given to tax payers at all, but based on who purchased the most booze. We categorically deny however that there were any tax payer funded hookers or grams of meth. A further 15 million will be spent on inbred corporate lawyers in Wellington and Auckland to do all the paper work]. 

This story was first published by RNZ
Top of the list is an $87.46m investment in tourism, including $40m to upgrade KiwiRail’s TranzAlpine service with an additional premium service and extra carriage capacity.

[ You can expect another 50,000 creepy Asian, German Jew, US Jew, UK Jew and other high flying creepy corporate fkwits through your towns in the coming 12 months, who will eat the very best of your food, drink all of your best wine, and enjoy the very best of what the New Zealand summer has to offer, while you all slave away all summer on minimum wages, unable to find a car park, before being turned away at your favorite local river spots, because a few too many of these creepy new age liberal fkwits shat in the bush. Please also note that there will be no investigation into historic child abuse whilst these visitor numbers continue to soar, as we must respect their gay rights and wouldn’t want to offend anyone.]

Mr Jones said tourism is the second highest contributor to the West Coast economy, with one million people visiting the area every year.

[Mr Jones – the very picture of a greedy obese corporate pig –  managed to belch out some half ass bullshit based on some numbers he made up in his head,  between glasses of the finest champagne tax payer money can buy. Bullshit being his specialty and why you fund him to start with….despite never actually voting for him]. 

“To see greater value from that sector, we want visitors to the region to stay longer and do more,” he said.

[Some more bullshit fell out of Shame Jones’ mouth after a fine dessert, tumbling down his disgusting obese body, before landing in front of you in this newspaper.]

Mr Jones revealed that $25.6m will be spent upgrading tourism infrastructure at Punakaiki and another $3.3m on building hot pools and spa facilities above Punakaiki Resort.

[Punakaiki will be further sanctioned and roped off for the inbred Jewish corporate elites. Locals are advised to stay at work and try to remain unseen]. 

Upgrades will be carried out on Croesus Road, at the Blackball end of the new Paparoa Great Walk and Pike29 Memorial Trail, and on visitor facilities and environmental protection at the Oparara Arches in Karamea. A family-friendly rail trail will also be established between Westport and Charleston.

[Never let a good tragedy go to waste, and mention all Government related mass murders at every possibly opportunity as a means to score more psychological points] 

Residents on the West Coast will receive better access to digital connectivity, with $45m set aside to extend and improve internet access and mobile coverage across the entire area, including developing broadband infrastructure in and around Haast and Milford Sound.

[We are going to microchip all of you cunts soon – yes, even you cunts on the West Coast, so best you all get ‘connected’ and addicted to our never ending technological bullshit. Paid for by you of course also]. 

Another $9.9m will be spent developing hi-tech milk segregation facilities at Westland Milk Products in Hokitika, which currently employs 430 people in Hokitika.

The facilities will allow the company to collect and process different types of milk products and milk, such as A2 milk and colostrum.

[Genetically modified antibiotic infested and vaccinated milk by-products will be secretly developed right under your noses, with a view to further destroying and poisoning your environment, before all being shipped off shore in secret behind the scenes deals to fellow inbred corporate family members in China and the greater Asia region. Please note this money is a loan, made possibly by Rothschild banks, at interest which will create a further $10 million debt hole in your local economy in the coming years. Special thanks to the local Sayanim meth dealers and hookers who were able to slowly infiltrate and corrupt the local milk industry, as well as our fellow inbred Jewish Sayanim agents on Wall Street who helped collapse the whole milk prices at just the right times, allowing us to now swoop in and take control of West Coast milk supplies, and thus further infiltrate your economy and environment, mainly by cutting down more of your native bush to make way for running more cattle, the time honored masonic strategy or getting the natives off their land and ensuring they cannot feed themselves nor live from and on it. 

The PGF package also incorporates a $10m loan to kickstart a new garnet mining venture.

[More of our mates and family members are also getting a tax payer funded hand out and will thus now be ‘chosen’ among you to become successful and rich. Stand by for more tax increases on your tobacco, gas and beer to cover this one]. 

The project at Ruatapu will create up to 50 permanent, high-paying jobs, Mr Jones said, as well as boosting support industries like transport and trades in the region.

[Possibly the next Government staged mining disaster in the making. Although still being discussed back at the head Synagogue in Israel, we do need at least one of these disasters every decade or so]. 

The full list of projects:

$40m to upgrade KiwiRail’s TranzAlpine service

[We need more  of these creepy corporate tourists like a hole in the head]
$32.8m to improve the region’s ultra-fast broadband and mobile networks

[We will microchip all of you bastards eventually]
$25.6m to upgrade Punakaiki tourism infrastructure and improve the visitor experience at Dolomite Point

[The elites love Punakaiki. We could have spent the money on the locals, or just reduced your taxes or working week, but you are just there to fund things, not enjoy them]. 
$10m loan to develop a new garnet mine at Ruatapu, near Hokitika

[A mate of a mate, most likely Jewish. No direct benefit to locals at all]. 

$9.9m to develop milk segregation processes to add value to milk products at Westland Milk Products

[ God only knows what they plan to make, but it will all get exported offshore anyway. Again funded by you].

$9.36m to create a 55km family-friendly walking and cycle trail from Charleston to Westport

[Just what Coaster’s needed – another walk to do on the 3 or 4 days per annum the corporate government give you off work]. 
$5.7m to improve tourism infrastructure at Oparara Arches, to protect the unique environment and enhance visitor safety

[A family member purchased the property up the hill and wants it cleaned up a bit to help improve value]. 
$3.5m to upgrade Croesus Road at Blackball, improving visitors access to Paparoa Track and Pike29 Memorial Trail

[Croesus Road is not connected to the Pike River area, but lets mention that again anyway. The Government can get a good 10 years out of every disaster they manage to make happen through their own criminal activity and negligence]. 
$3.3m loan to build spa facilities and a Wellness Centre above Punakaiki Resort

[One of the mates / family members miss’es requested this. The ladies all need something to do while the men discuss how best to waste tax payer money. Again, locals are asked to try to stay away, as you make the rich lister / liberal new age corporate gay rights tourists nervous, and the married rich lister men a bit jealous, which is not good for the local economy]. 

Now smoko is over – so please get back to work so we can afford to pay for all of this.

The corporate NZ Government and it’s corporate media apparatus. 

Legal Disclaimer – please note that if any of you slaves dare criticize this deal, especially if you mention the Jews or the holocaust, you are liable to be raided by the corrupt corporate police, have your computers seized, spend all night in the police cells, before going before a kiddie fiddler protecting judge, if not after being forced to spend 5 days in a mental hospital being pushed hard drugs by one of our corrupt drug dealing new age Jewish quacks. 


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