Israel is Running Windows 10 – Brendon O’Connell



Israel now has full ‘back door’ control of Windows 10. And ‘updates’ are now mandatory, not optional. So they can keep all of their spy Apps running in the background, despite your best efforts.

Our own computer with Windows 10 now goes immediately into almost full lock down every time we open the login page for Media Whores. It takes up to 10 minutes just to login and click on New Post. We reset the PC back to factory settings once a week, and the problem comes back as soon as Windows runs it’s first update, which you can no longer switch off.

The Israelis just love the back door stuff……the state of it….

The end goal is of course facial recognition scans on all PC’s as well as crypto currency for the entire World – run from Israel with the help of the army of Russian Jew PhD programmers who now live in Israel. Followed eventually by a microchiped Goy slave population, with all new liberal equal rights for pedophiles, and bestiality enthusiasts.

You know, you will only get half the truth from Brendon O’Connell – who by any serious analysis is fully protected by and working for the Persian elites – with the goal of slowly pushing Islam as the solution to all of the Jew’s manufactured problems. His recent half ass take on Edward Snowden being one good example – dude hasn’t even figured out that Snowden is that US rapper, probably now on the adrenochrome. Nor has he figured out that he lives on a flat Earth, and that Nasa are a CGI Hollywood hoax.

Edward Snowden is Rapper “Snow”

Bump – ‘Islam will conquer the World’ – ‘Jewish’ Russian Rabbi

Still – he does do the very best work on exposing the full extent of Israeli snake subversion and spying……


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