How the NZ Police & Justice System Run the Meth in Your Town


Featured Image – Lisa Twentyman of the Amberley Police – the Bodily Samples Act which gives NZ’s Nazi government the right to use violence and force to steal DNA samples from the Kiwi slaves these days, makes it clear that samples can only be taken for the “purposes of an investigation” – and even that is a breach of basic human rights. So ask yourself, why would the police need a bodily sample to ‘investigate’ an allegation of a threat typed up on line? There is clearly no DNA evidence nor sample needed. There might be finger prints on the computer used perhaps, but not even any actual crime scene. Could it be because you are working for a corrupt lawless gang of thugs, who’s primary role is to help cover up for and protect elite drug traffickers and child sex offenders in our Nation? Namely in this case by trying to shut down one of the only last remaining independent sources of news and information in NZ? If not to try and stitch those involved up on some other trumped up crime? And if you are following these corrupt orders, from whomever it was that was instructed you lawless b’tards on the phone from Queenstown that day, does that not make you corrupt also? You and your fellow gang members are a fkg disgrace. No different to the Nazis of Germany, the Stasi of East Germany or the Soviet police in communist Russian. Kiwis are ashamed of you, as would be entire generations of police & Kiwis that have gone before you. You are the new generation of corrupt revenue gathering snakes in poorly cut uniforms, charged with the slow and steady erosion of NZ democracy and freedoms. Let’s all be honest shall we. ‘Filth’ & ‘Pigs’ are not labels a thankful society attribute to a police force that they can trust to keep them safe, they are labels these crooks earn for themselves by their deeds. And that goes for your partner there also, who reportedly started rocking back and forth in his seat and almost dribbling at the mouth when he was told that teaching ‘gay lifestyles’ to children in the schools was the same thing as teaching child abuse lifestyles to children. So new age liberal are the new breed of NZ police. 


How the NZ Police & Justice System Run the Meth in Your Town……

The NZ Police are comprised of two main types. Useful idiots, and those who are corrupt to the very core. With a whole bunch of useful idiots who slowly become more and more corrupt as they learn how the system really works, but are locked in with their pensions anyway.

It is the corrupt to the core rats among them that are protected and promoted up to the top to run the show, with the useful idiots just following along blindly.

At the top of the pyramid of power currently governing our Nations, are a bunch of very sick rich lister Satanists who are into all manner of crime and depravity, almost all of them into hard drugs, meth, heroin, and even now adrenochrome – and as these inbred rich listers and their children become more and more sick and depraved, generation after generation, their mafia styled crime and depravity just grows worse and worse and becomes more and more overt. Same as it did in Soviet Russian and Nazi Germany presumably. These days they all pose as liberals of course, they dress very smartly and almost always wear those little trendy black rimmed reading glasses, but they are in fact the same old Nazis of old, exported around the World following their victory in WWII and the creation of the Israeli State – the World headquarters of their new Fourth Reich and plans for total World wide communist control (under the guise of capitalism).

Underneath these depraved and highly inbred Jewish/ Nazi rich lister families are the lower level Judges and lawyers, or Bar Association, who are a coven of witches, criminals and thieves. These are generally also family members, but whom lack any real entrepreneurial ability or talents and so study the Jewish/ man made law instead, safe in the knowledge that they can make a good living just by helping to protect their much wealthier rich lister family members get away with their relentless drug trafficking, child sex trafficking and other mafia crimes.

This is the true nature of the so called ‘Just Us’ system in our Nations, a system designed purely so that these inbred demonic Satanists can rule over everyone else, while growing ever more wealthy and staying protected. The word Legal being a clever play on the word Eagle, as in the same Nazi Phoenix we see in a lot of the other symbolism used by these cold blooded / blue blooded Nazi Satanists. They are indeed the Phoenicians, the ones who invent the language / phonetics we all use, and call themselves Jews. Nazi being a clever play on the Hebrew word Nasi, which means Jewish priest or Rabbi. Much like Bar is a clever play on the word Rabbi. And thus all of the black Synagogue of Satan uniforms.

As we have explained earlier – it is these Bar Association members – the judges and lawyers – who are charged with arranging and then importing most of the large shipments of hard drugs into our Nations. Some may recall the huge shipment of cocaine found in a Fonterra shipment some time back, and a few others found on Air New Zealand cargo flights. Also the $450 million of meth found on the Northland beaches a few years back, all of which gets quietly covered up by the NZ justice system, usually by handing out some sentences to a few lower level mules, but never ever finding out who funded deal nor where the drugs even came from.

These large shipments are of course funded by NZ’s rich listers, then usually arranged by the criminal Bar association lawyers who have the legal expertise to navigate the border control and international trade process. And the Bar Association members who have now become judges have got their backs should anything go wrong – they help clean up and cover up any mess.

Once the hard drugs are safely on our shores, they are distributed via the corrupt element of the NZ police. Many of these corrupt police, who are essentially the hitmen and foot soldiers for the Jewish rich listers who fund it all, are covered in tattoos, drive Harleys to work, and double as gang members. It is their job to distribute the meth go the gang leaders. This will usually be done under the careful guidance of the criminal lawyer who looks after that gang. Every gang has at least one big wig criminal lawyer whose job it is to help get the top gang members out of trouble, while also skilfully informing the other Jewish Bar association members, judges and top corrupt police on everything the gang is doing. This gives these fake Jews and the criminal Bar Association complete control over all of the gangs Nationwide, including NZ’s biggest criminal gang, the NZ Police, as well as complete control over the entire $2 billion per annum cash trade in meth as well as other hard drugs.

Meth was first introduced by the Jews in the Weimar Republic as a means of invading Germany and helping to bring it to its knees by creating a depraved and drug addicted element of society, who’s behavior just gets worse and worse until eventually the Jews are able to start a revolution in their target Nation, and in the case of Nazi Germany then leading to all out war, the means by which they could murder millions of Goy and then create the Israeli State, Satan’s new military base.  Hitler and the other Jewish puppets were all quite clearly off their faces on meth, as were many of the Japanese.

The Jews have introduced meth again to the West for the same reasons. Their end goal is complete collapse of the West, which they quite correctly see as a threat to their new ‘Babylon’ (cleverly called new Jerusalem), which will be headquartered in Israel but take up most of the Middle East and North Africa, with the old Silk Road trading routes through Asia and into Europe.

Meth is their preferred tool for the destruction of the West, again, and was seeded here by the criminal Bar Association with the help of NZ’s most corrupt (and senior) police. Coupled with a huge marketing campaign in the way of the TV series “Breaking Bad”, pushed by Jewish owned Media Works in New Zealand, which sort to glamorize the entire industry. Rags to riches type themes.

NZ’s most corrupt senior police are the only people with enough power and skills to safely distribute the meth to the gangs, on behalf of the Bar Association lawyers who have imported it. As mentioned, most of the top corrupt NZ police double as gang members so this task generally runs very smoothly and so we seldom see it in the papers or hear about the process.

Once the meth is safely distributed by the top corrupt NZ police to the gangs – which is usually done on tick btw, the gang leaders only have to pay their bill at the end of the month, or face being raided by the same police – the NZ police then sit back in their now permanently  locked local police stations and use all of their hi tech spy technology to track, chart and database the entire meth distribution network of the gangs, from the biggest deals right down to very street level. Mostly this is done via keyword text message technology, tracking one cell phone to the next down through the distribution chain, but also via more sophisticated Jewish/ Israel spy technology which are planted in every computer and smart phone around the Nation. Some have reported that even the sticker on the back of smart phone batteries can listen to you and everyone in the room even when the phone is turned off. Not to mention listening devices in every smart TV, and every new smart microwave, fridge and dishwasher etc.

This is essentially the new ‘meth-od’ of policing in New Zealand and around the West. These fake Jews import the meth, under the careful guidance of the Bar Association ‘Rabbis’, then distribute it around the gangs using NZ’s top corrupt police, most of whom double as gang members, if not gang leaders, and the NZ police then sit back and track the entire shipment as it makes it way through our communities , destroying lives and wiping out entire families. They do not actually go out and bust anyone though of course – the goal being to create crime, not solve it. Crime being the business they are all in. No crime – no jobs or pensions.

The same Judges, lawyers and cops then all sit there rubbing their hands together at the court houses around the Nation on Monday mornings, as the procession of crime and damage done by their meth industry comes marching in the doors, ready to pay fines, fill the jails, and other wise terrorized the public with just how out of control our Nation now seems to be.

Indeed, without the Jewish controlled meth industry – the New Zealand police, judges, lawyers and MP’s faced the very real danger that there could be almost no crime at all in New Zealand, with Kiwis just sitting around smoking pot and drinking boutique beer at music events. And so they introduced meth and Serco instead. Now we have a crime wave sweeping the Nation, with never ending burglaries, car accidents, kidnappings, murders and child abuse listed in the papers each week, keeping the police, lawyers, judges, insurance companies, WINZ, Child Youth and Family and Serco jails all fully employed. By masonic / Jewish design.

Mike Sabin would probably be a good person to ask these sort of questions – the detective who ran the NZ tax payer funded ‘Meth Con’ advisory business, figuring out how NZ could best fight the looming war on P, as the same Government and justice system started the mass importation of the stuff. Unfortunately, the heavily tattooed Mike Sabin has been very quite in recent years following his very secretive sort of fall from grace, having attained the dizzying heights of chair of the NZ Government’s crime prevention strategy unit (whatever it was called). Everything was eventually swept under the rug and Mike Sabin promised a new high paying job running a luxury gold resort up North instead. The entire meth testing industry that Sabin championed has also gone a bit quite, since the public woke up to the fact that you might as well test for fly spray or everyday household chemicals which are far more dangerous to breath in than meth.

Kim Dotcom would probably be another good person to ask about the meth industry. The morbidly obese German Jew who dresses in black Hebrew priest styled robes each day and crash landed in New Zealand around the same time as Zionist John Key, which was roughly the same time that all of the meth started showing up. Dotcom bribed his way into New Zealand and is still here illegally to this day, having staged a rather pathetic ‘raid’ on his own property to try and garner sympathy from the NZ public, and with the apparent full protection and complicit silence of the NZ police and now the Judiciary as they hold numerous lavish tax payer funded court hearings in Dotcom’s honor, discussing whether he should be deported or not to go and face the apparent wrath of the Hollywood Jews. You would have to be on meth to make all of that bullshit up, surely. Kim Dot Shlomo now lives a multi millionaire lavish lifestyle down in Queenstown, driving around with his 666 license plates on large black limousines with his new transvestite boyfriend / wife. Dotcom has gone very quiet since it was discovered that Juilan Aassange is actually another Jewish actor, and that Snowden is actually a retired  white homosexual rapper who possibly drinks adrenochrome to stay young, and that Seth Rich never actually died and now lives in Israel.

The Kim Dotcom Raid Was a Staged Hoax

Kim Dotcom & the Seth Rich Hoax – the Jews want the Goy on Crypto, Bitcoin & Face Scans

Michael Blowers the top Northland cop who stole kilos of meth out of the evidence room would be another good one to ask about the police running the meth industry for the Hebrew fake Jew Phoenicians, but he has also gone very quiet since being released off home detention and then being promoted into a top job at ACC..

Sian Elias, NZ’s Jewish chief justice would also be a good person to ask about the Jews tactic of invading Nations with meth. Or perhaps even her rich lister husband Hugh Fletcher, but again there has been a masonic like code of silence since NZ author Greg Hallett came out with allegations that Hugh Fletcher holds child sex parties dressed in a Nazi uniform, with a preference for young Polynesian boys, some of whom may have gone on to carry out some of the more high profile gay sex meth related murders.

Winston Peters would be another quite well known lawyer to ask about this stuff also..

#WinstonPeters according to NZ author Greg Hallett:

“Winston Peters was a Heroin Trafficker with Peter Williams. Winston Peters girlfriend, Heeni Phillips, is now Peter Williams common law wife. Winston Peters and Peter Williams shared the same office in Tauranga, never practised law, and only practised Heroin Trafficking. Winston Peters bribes the National Party because he was also trafficking heroin with Prime Minister Rob Muldoon. Peter Williams extorts the National Party because he filmed the President of the National Party having sex with a minor in 2009 above the Platos Restaurant on Ponsonby Road. Peter Williams owns the building next door.


It would also be good to get comment from some of NZ’s circuit judges who are rumoured to be flying into our smaller towns with entire briefcases full of meth, which are then passed on to the top corrupt local cops who then distribute it to the local  business people and rich listers as well as to the gangs, but again you would probably be met with that masonic code of silence on the issue.

Which reminds us of another strategy the justice system is running to help seed and distribute meth around New Zealand – that being the careful placement of younger meth dealers (most of them gang members) around our smaller regions and towns, so that they can help distribute and push the stuff as well. These are usually fairly charismatic types who are basically bribed, sponsored and controlled by the judiciary, police and parole board into holding all night meth parties around the Nation, helping get as many locals hooked as possible. Media Whores first came across the phenomenon when living in the Nelson region some years back. We met a number of these North Island gang members out at the bars on weekends. They had all been bailed down to Nelson by judges on the basis that they had family down there and it would help them get away from the scene and get clean. It didn’t take long to figure out that they had a small army of meth addicts following them around the bars each night, and then 20 or so of them off to a local hotel room together once the bars all shut down.

And more recent stories about how in one region of NZ, every time someone is busted for drugs, be it hard drugs or just weed, by the time the paper work is done and ready for the courts, about 90% of the drugs have already been wiped off the arrest record. ie) the cops have stolen them for themselves. It is an all out feeding frenzy now by these corrupt NZ police around some, if not most parts of the Nation.

This is of course a very dangerous situation for NZ as the more obvious it becomes that the NZ police are basically the biggest criminal gang in New Zealand, the more of these younger criminals will flock to careers with them, knowing full well they can climb the ranks by being corrupt and helping to run the meth for the justice system and Jewish rich listers.

As we mentioned – the end goal of the Jew – same as it was in Nazi Germany – is to completely destroy and collapse the West. Thus the importance of at least some journalists and writers trying to get the word out there. If we can see what is being done, and by whom, we all have a far better chance of warding off the worst of it.

Although most of the damage has probably already been done.

The fake Jews/ Phoney Phoenicians cannot live and thrive in peaceful Nations with solid and honest justice systems – they absolutely must have chaos, crime and drug addiction among the populace in order for them to be able to rule over everybody. Thus importing hard drugs has always been one of their most time honored war time strategies. No different to how these fake Jews conquered China during the Opium wars with their East India Dutch Opium trafficking operations, and more recently with their invasion of Afghanistan for new supplies of opium, done under the guise of their fake/ staged war of terror.

These lawless/ criminal Nazi Zionists are now well and truly running our Nation – their language and words carefully disguising who they really are – as per usual….

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