Stitched Up by the Synagogue – My Entire Family are Under Soviet Jewish Mind Control



“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the US public believes is false.“ ~ William J. Casey, 1981

“The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.” ― Benjamin Disraeli

”The Drug Medical System cannot bear examination. To explain it would be to destroy it, and to defend it even is to damage it.”—R.T. Trall M.D.

‘No matter how paranoid you are, what they’re actually doing is worse than you can possibly imagine!’ ~ Ralph Gleason

“A single lie destroys a whole reputation for integrity.” ~ Baltasar Gracian (1601-1658), Spanish philosopher and writer

”Fear always works to influence the population, when the population is uneducated.”

“The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.” ~ Maximilien Robespierre

“Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave.” ~ Frederick Douglass

“To write is to wage war” –  Voltaire

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We are of sound body and mind.

Never felt better.

We want to repost these articles below and then quickly video this post and chuck it on Youtube, in case this website ever goes down and these records are lost.

Take a look through the bullshit we (and /or those associated with Media Whores in some way) have been subjected to in recent years, simply for daring to think for ourselves and refusing to join any of the myriad of mind control systems these freaks that run our Nation push upon us.

We quite simply remain independent, open minded,  not compromised and uncompromising, and perfectly sane. And this is what the system does not like. Indeed will not tolerate.

And so it is anyone’s guess what comes next.

Throughout all of this Soviet gang stalking, harassment, violence and associated stitch ups, the only time we have possibly overreacted was when that bouncer pushed out a bar door for no reason, after he was instructed to come in and harass us and try and make trouble, presumably on the orders of the elite snakes in Queenstown who spy on their patrons via their security cameras and then choose targets. Bouncers are fair game.

We have been arrested no less than 7 times now. A night in the Queenstown police cells. Once in the Queenstown court room. A night in the Greymouth police cells, one night in the Taupo police cells followed by two nights in the Rotorua police cells (3 nights concurrent), one night in the Hamilton police cells, one night in the Christchurch police cells followed by a mandatory 5 nights in Hillmorton mental hospital for telling the Jewish shrinks at the ChCh policed cells that they all work for a corporate pedophile ring……….plus numerous other stitch ups and cons, all launched against us by these Soviet Jewish snakes that run our communities and Nation from behind the scenes. And all because we do not hold the same views as the State – and we sometimes write about it. Well – and for punching a bouncer who had just violently pushed us out a door for no reason.

Despite all of the above, we have not reacted physically accept for with that fkwit corrupt bouncer, and have gone along peacefully with the police or whomever, then gone through with all of their Stasi bullshit, documented it, and then written about it later.

As these communist snakes (now disguised as capitalists) become more and more desperate to maintain their Soviet like grip on their false reality, and continue to try and enforce their all new ‘liberal’ homosexual pedophilia and meth based Utopia upon the rest of us, we will start to see their true colours emerge more and more. That being violent fascist thugs. Same as humanity did under their communist system, their Nazi system, and now with their capitalist system. We start to see that they are in fact lawless violent criminals and fascists, who use mind control, subversion, military tactics, gang stalking, bribery, corruption and just outright violence to enforce whatever their latest agenda is.

If these Soviet Jewish snakes now decide to set up something big for us, as punishment for refusing to censor our speech, please be assured that our reaction to it will be as peaceful as it has always been. There will be no other punch ups with bouncers, as we no longer hang out in bars at night anyway. And when pedophile ring enforcer police show up to carry out the dirty work of these drug addict pedophile monsters running our justice system, we have gone along with them peacefully each time, to be held illegally and then slowly tortured in their small holding cells all night (try it sometime, it is a form of slow torture, or try 3 nights running sometime). And we will go along peacefully if they send them in again.

These fake Jew Soviet satanists and meth addicts may very well at some point lose the plot and try to set up something violent. A car accident, or another police raid using bent cops who will be instructed to shoot first and then lie about what happened etc, and then get promoted for it.

We are not armed, nor would we be violent in any way.

All we demand is our natural born right to a fair hearing. And this is what these Soviet snakes do not want, or cannot handle, is a sovereign Kiwi male who has done all of the research and can think for himself, standing up in a public court and speaking the truth about what we are dealing with here – namely, meth addict, pedophile ring Satanist Jewish Soviet gangsters who are running our police, justice system and indeed the entire Nation.

And so we stress that point again – take a look at the extent of their spying, subversion, gangsterism and violence so far, and ask yourself – what comes next?

Regardless – we do not give a shit.

We do not need some Soviet communist Jew run Corporate State to tell us what to think, or to believe – thanks all the same. We are more than capable of thinking for ourselves. Nor do we wish to fund any of your fkg State / Communist/ Commonwealth thinking, nor the faulty decisions they lead to.

The other thing we have learned in recent months, is that there will be no support from our own family should he shit hit the fan. They are ALL under heavy Soviet Jewish mind control. It is in effect MK Ultra trauma based mind control – and a lot of it simply from the ChCh quakes, possibly worsened by all of the chemtrailing and now the smart meters, as well as too much time on Sky TV and Netflix. They have all eaten up the entire happy meal.

We cover some of the family stuff in the articles below also.

Our mother is now taking toxic medications everyday which are designed to kill her – for a disease that doesn’t even exist. And the entire Soviet mind controlled family are sitting their watching  and supporting it………in their collective ignorance


Folks – we are living in the modern equivalent of Soviet Russia. Everyone has been brow beaten, traumatised and otherwise threatened into a state of ‘MK Ultra’ mind control, whereby they are scared to near death of actually speaking the truth – and thus hurting the wrong people’s feelings.

And here is the kicker – these people that they all feel so threatened by – and work so feverishly to protect, even unconsciously – are in fact mostly pedophiles. From pedophile Satanist families. And mostly homosexual pedophiles it would seem also.

That’s the big secret.

And the public fight tooth and nail, even to death, to make sure that this simple truth never gets out.

This is mostly just due to the fact that these same Satanist pedophiles have all the money, and almost everyone underneath them on the food chain are licking at least some of that homosexual pedophile ass, so as to afford to prance around the place themselves wearing the correct outfits, driving the right cars and pretending to be otherwise  ‘well adjusted’. Yeah – you are taking it up the ass by the same bastards that lent you that money.

Look, if you want to be gay – that’s your business – but do not try to shove it down our throat please. We prefer to think for ourselves and form our own opinions. And leave the bloody children out of it ie) stop chucking it down their throats also. Anyone trying to teach other people’s children about any type of sex – you got yourselves a pervert right there. Let the kids figure it out for themselves, in their own time.  Same goes for the vaccines.

Oh yeah – and the 6 million dead in the holocaust. That bit is a lie also. And the war on terror, that’s a lie. And the shape of the planet you live on also. Oh yeah and Nasa, that’s made up. Psychology – that’s another big one, the human brain can never be fully understood nor charted, not least by the human brain. All your medicines for all of the fake diseases – another big one. There is only one disease, that being acidic blood, and everything else these Nazi  doctors tell you is a lie.

And on and on…..

Stick your Soviet Jewish mind control where the sun don’t shine.

These ‘elites’ you follow, protect and worship as your God’s – they believe in death, sodomy, child abuse and taxes. And stem cell and blood replacement therapies (vampirism) for longevity. The very things that allow them to sit on top of the satanic pyramid.

You are worshiping demons and satanists as your Gods……

Juggling with Demons……..

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