They are Harvesting Our Blood – Adrenochrome, Stem Cells, Abortions, Organs & Blood Transfusions #TheyLive


Featured Image – the all new blood bank warehouse in Christchurch. Mostly filled with virgin blood from school children. Forget about the inner city folks, or the new earthquake homeless….what we really need is a giant blood bank, and new police station and court house. Satan has moved right on in to Christchurch…and he demands blood. 


‘They’ are harvesting our blood.

The ‘elites’ at the top of the pyramid harvest adrenochrome from children and use it to make themselves younger, and to just get high.

Beneath these ‘elites’ are the bottom feeder Masons and other sell outs who are usually only allowed access to lower level drugs and therapies such as stem cell replacement therapies and blood tranfusions. Sometimes a new organ if needed

Most of the stem cell therapies are developed from aborted human baby fetuses.

These various longevity therapies and treatments have now created a market for aborted human baby fetus, virgin blood and human organs. Thus all of those new organ donor forms you are asked to fill out, or tick.

Thus all of these Satanists pushing abortion these days. There is now huge money in the trade. Hundreds of thousands of dollars, often in cash, for the correct baby part or human organ.

If you are engaged in one of these therapies – congratulations, you are now officially a vampire and you have sold your soul to Satan as the saying goes. You have already lost the battle.

Ask yourself this – if you were a corrupt billionaire, who had spent his entire life leaching and vampiring off the general populace and your fellow man in search of material wealth and luxury – as in vampiring and blood sucking was both your first and second nature – how much of that money would you be prepared to spend in your 70’s or 80’s to do it all over again? And that gives you a fairly good indication of the size of this market. It’s all of them……

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