Trump is Handing all US Technology to China – via Israel – for his Jewish Soviet Masters



Soviet/ Russian Jews now fully control Israel, which was always a Soviet Jewish project along with a little help from Hitler and Churchill who were both half breed Rothschild Jews.

From Israel these Soviet Jews were able to fully infiltrate the entire Western World, using the 6 million holocaust sob story and lie. Targeting the hearts of the Christian lamb around the World.

It was Jewish Mossad intelligence agent Steve Pieczenik who declared to Alex Jones that these Jews had already staged a military coup when they placed Donald/ Donna Trump in power in the USA, mostly achieved by using technology and social media initiatives run by Jared Kushner / Kosher, his Jewish ‘son’ in law married to Donald Trump’s transvestite son, Ivanka Trump. Donna Trump’s two ‘son’s’ are both quite obviously trannies also.

The fact that we now have every ‘hard man’ from the ‘right’ across the West worshiping Donald/ Donna Trump and his transvestite Jewish family as their savior, is testimony to the success of these subversive Soviet Jews and their mind control operations……so beaten down and brainwashed have they all become, on their Jewish owned Netflix, Media Works, RT,  Burger Fuel and Lone Star diets……

Donna Trump, another of these transvestite Jewish snakes, now skillfully blames China for all of the US’s problems, while the Jewish Sayanim spy network across America siphons  off all of the top technological discoveries and sends them to Israel, who then on sell them to the Communist Chinese and Russians – communism being a Jewish invention to begin with.

This bullshit you hear the half wits who rely on communist Russia Today for their ‘news’ – as well as the Jewish Sayanim spies – all spouting about ‘Trump’s war against China. The Jewish Soviet snakes have controlled China since they installed Mao is it’s communist Jewish dictator. And still do. The Rothschilds can put the Chinese communist party on it’s ass overnight, simply by collapsing the Chinese stock market by 10%, which they have done once or twice already in recent years, to bring them back under control.

This same strategy was employed across the West as well as in NZ as far back as the 1980’s when a younger KGB agent by the name of Vladimir Putin first showed up in New Zealand to work with Helen Clark – another of these Tavistok trained KGB agents posing as leaders in the West, much like Jacinda Ardern. Jewish Sayanim spies positioned in all major telecommunication companies (namely Telecom) were able to install spy technology across all major hardware, enabling the Jewish and KGB spy apparatus based in Israel and Russia to listen in on almost all communications within our Nation, then slowly but surely use that data and information to identify and then groom, promote and then bribe the very biggest sexual deviants and drug addicts into most top positions of power in our Nation/s, including corporate power and Government power, with special attention paid to the judiciary, turning them into what is now essentially a pedophile protection operation.

The subversive Jews then got on with the process of slowly destroying our Nation’s from within, by constantly promoting the biggest perverts and drug addicts to the top, and pushing degrading and socially destructive social engineering programs through the Jewish controlled corporate media – which has been  little more than a child sex and drug movement since the 80’s.

This was all painted up as ‘liberal’ sexual revolution – when what it really was, was Jewish Satanism…….and an all out sex and drug frenzy, run by these same Satanist / Holocaust Surviving Soviet, German, British and American Jews, who mostly started flooding in immediately after they won wwII.

Such is the strangle hold by these communist/ Soviet Jews on our Nation’s and economies now, that almost everyone you see on the news or on TV these days, as well as almost everyone in the NZ parliament,  is a sexual deviant and /or a drug addict of some description, having all been identified, then compromised and promoted by the Soviet Jew spy network operating within our shores, with most of them part of the extended ‘Jewish’ family to begin with. (They only call themselves Jews, but lie)

Things were really ramped up once our Nation had been weakened to the point that these same criminal subversive Jews were able to basically just start importing thousands of tonnes of meth straight over our borders, for distribution around our communities by the NZ police and the gangs that the NZ police now control and work with (thanks to the meth). While the same government and police clamped down at the same time on the cannabis industry, making sure as many Kiwis started turning to the Soviet NZ state’s new drug of choice – meth.

Meth serves to turn it’s users into sexual deviants and whores – which is precisely the strategy of these Soviet Jews, as also seen with their agenda of legalizing and normalizing prostitution as a means to make a living, once all of the industry and jobs had been taken away from Kiwis via the steady deindustrialization of our economy by these same Soviet Jews – sending all of our jobs and industry over to their new communist partner in crime – China. You can’t even buy a NZ wool blanket at Jewish owned Warehouse anymore, it is all polyester made in China.

They now use the NZ State apparatus, from the media and MP’s to WINZ and the NZ police and corrupt judiciary, to distribute and promote meth around our Nation, as the Family Court then uplifts all of the unwanted and / or uncared for children off the meth riddled families, so they can place at least some of them with these same new age homosexual and Jewish families.

And on and on.

Perhaps the most staggering thing about this process – that of totally reducing New Zealand and the other western Nations to  communist slave state status, whereby the meth addict Jewish rich listers own everything and pay no taxes, while actual Kiwis work 50 hours a week and all pay 70% net taxes – is how we have all basically sat back and watched it all happen around us, and pretty much done nothing, decade after decade. This is why these subversive / Satanic Jews call us all the ‘lamb’. Or ‘Goy’, which means beasts….they see us as no better than the same animals they farm and slaughter.

In fact it would be fair to say that this entire take over and destruction of the West has been made possible by the technology these Jews push upon us all…..check out the O’Connell videos below.

The solution is of course reverting back to tax free sovereign republics, whereby Kiwis are in control of their own futures again, and all income taxes removed off their activities, so that they can trade, thrive and survive again, just as these rich lister globalist Jews are doing in the global free trade system they now operate under.  It is the Soviet styled taxes and regulations that destroy everything around us, as enforced by NZ’s pedophile ring judiciary and new age liberal governments.

The catch to this obvious and time honored solution to the Jewish communist problem – is that we now have so many of these blood sucking communist Jews living among us, mostly now posing as rich lister capitalists, that the very mention of major change leads to a chorus of name calling along the lines of anti Semite, racist, homophobic, etc. So addicted are they now to their blood sucking vampirism, access to hard drugs and pedophile protecting justice system. A system they have all worked very hard over many decades to install in our once proud Nation – with our actual collective pride now replaced with ‘Gay Pride’ instead.

Indeed in New Zealand they have now started sending out the corrupt police to threaten and round up anyone who dares speak out about the situation… even stealing their computers and cell phones off them in the process and forcing them to submit DNA samples by threat of tasering…..While these same corrupt police ignore all of the allegations coming out about pedophile protecting judges and Bar association meth trafficking…..

Pedophiles, sexual deviants and drug addicts now run our entire Nation. By the design of these Soviet Jewish snakes – as they work towards completely collapsing the West, and building their Greater Israel project, or new Babylon slave system based in the Middle East.

Possibly the worst part of all this however – is the senior Jewish Rabbis/ Rabis now coming out and saying that Islam will eventually conquer the West – which seems to be the end goal of these snakes, once our current Jewish created ‘liberal’ system is completely collapsed by the sexual deviants and drug addicts currently running it.

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