Judge Kevin Phillips Accused of (More) Child Sex Trafficking Crimes


Featured Image – Queenstown Judge Kevin Phillips – recently voted the Most Corrupt and Degenerate Judge in New Zealand, with a trail a mile wide of corruption and degenerate rulings left in the wake of his career – that being as some type of mafia don down in the lakes region


A new video has emerged online accusing Queenstown judge Kevin Phillips (one of the most corrupt and degenerate Judges currently working in NZ) of more child sex trafficking.

One of his previous child sex trafficking cases has been well documented and covered – that of charging $10,000 for one Otago rich listers son to be able to rape/ statutory rape an underage girl. The spoiled little inbred prick was then let off with no conviction, and given full name suppression, ruining the life of the young girl and her family in the process…..

“A Southland teenager bought his way out of a criminal conviction for having sex with a minor, the 14-year-old victim’s mother said yesterday.

Her comments came after the 18-year-old was discharged without conviction for sexual connection with a young person, but ordered to pay $10,000 emotional harm reparation for the incident in June this year.

The identity of the youth, who was 17 at the time of the offence, cannot be revealed after Judge Kevin Phillips ordered permanent name suppression when the youth appeared in the Invercargill District Court on Monday. The youth had pleaded guilty but Judge Phillips set aside the plea.”



New Zealand is now crawling with these rich lister pedophiles and perverts and their demonic children, most of whom are out of their heads on drugs, both prescription and otherwise, and thanks to NZ’s corrupt judiciary which shows itself to be little more than a meth and child sex trafficking operation working for the inbred communist/ capitalist rich listers and their various agents and agencies (such as parliament, the media and the NZ police). Judge Kevin Phillips has a long history of covering for rich listers, even if it means selling out the very same gang that protect him…..



Judge Kevin Phillips even helps protect visiting foreign rich listers and their children from the full rule of law in New Zealand…..its all about the money it would seem….Phillips may as well put a “For Sale” sign outside his courtroom each day…….

Kiwi Courts [we don’t have kangaroos in NZ!]

Driver that killed motorcyclist sentenced to… wait for it…

Singaporean man Wei Kiong Lew (30) was given four months home detention, 200 hours community work, and told to pay reparation of $27,000 after a crash that killed motorcyclist Craig Alan Chambers (39) last year. The sentence was handed down by Judge Kevin Phillips in the Dunedin District Court who “gave Lew a 50% sentence discount for an early guilty plea, and community work he had already undertaken voluntarily”. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11650274


We also often see the child sex abuse victims and and other types of abuse victims of these judges and their gang then go on to commit serious crime in our communities – where again these same judges help cover it all up…….this is how they seed the crime around our communities and thus keep themselves all employed over the long term. These corrupt judges are basically a sick disease infesting our Nation….

Judge Kevin Phillips takes blame after bailed teenager’s horrific attack on 18yo woman – NZ Herald

Was Convicted Killer Phillip Layton Edwards a Victim of Hugh Fletcher / Sian Elias Child Sex Ring?

Although he is of course protected by his fellow snakes in the mainstream media, who are constantly trying to cover up his fraud and lawlessness and paint it up as somehow good or noble …most of these corporate whores and snakes these days being related to each other in some way……


In the video below, the man making the accusations of more child sex cover ups and trafficking by Judge Kevin Phillips says that he hopes one day that Kevin Phillips and his ilk are “hunted down”. Media Whores has previously also said that if justice is ever restored to this Nation, that judge Kevin Phillips and his corrupt buddies had better be worried, but we stopped short of adding what could or should happen to them. That would be up to the public, as it should be, once freedom and rule of law are restored. We presume here that the man in the video means the same – that Judge Kevin Phillips would be hunted down and then held in custody at one of the Nation’s new organic labour camps for filthy corrupt slime balls, while he awaits a fair hearing in front of a jury for his alleged crimes and alleged child sex trafficking.  We have certainly never called for hanging them in the streets, and we would presume here that this man is talking about the same sort of process – that of detention followed by fair hearings, where everybody whom this lawless monster has harmed over the years will get to levy their accusations at him – then have a share of his ill-gotten gains as compensation for the harm they have suffered. If this man is referring to hunting down Kevin Phillips and hanging him in the streets or something similar – Media Whores would distance ourselves from such suggestion. Media Whores has never called for violence – not once – and we do not support such comments or suggestions. It is the allegations of more child sex trafficking that we seek to expose here…….the cause of so much suffering and harm in our Nation……which these corrupt judges right at the front of it.

Please note – if the statements made below are construed by anyone as a threat of violence – Media Whores would point out that as a responsible broadcaster, we have done our job here of bringing it to the public’s attention, as would any other media source…..but we in no way condone threats of violence against these pedophiles and professional pedophile enablers in this current corrupt political climate, in which all sides of the justice system are run by them. While one can probably sympathize with all Kiwi fathers who have had one of their children stolen off them by these corrupt degenerate child sex traffickers who currently pose as justice in NZ, the solution to this infestation of perverts should be peaceful – namely peaceful noncompliance – or we end up no better than they are. We would also remind readers that ‘decapitation’ is exactly what these snakes and corrupt slime balls do to everyone in their unlawful corporate kangaroo courts, when they use your full legal name in all caps/  with capital letters – they detach or ‘behead’ you from your de jure living man status and turn you into a dead corporation / corpse……thus we presume Wardill is using this analogy below……

xxxxxxxx · Friends with Ian Wishart

I agree with you in regards to the police and Judge Kevin Phillips protecting each other. How can anyone have confidence in a Judiciary that appoints a local lawyer to a position as a Judge in his local community. Blatant conflict of interest. This is a small community and everyone knows everyone. Try getting a local to give evidence against Kevin Phillips when he is the local ‘beak’. He stole from my wife and I. I reported the theft to the police, they investigated it and concealed their findings that Kevin and related parties were behind it. An OIA request revealed Kevin, as suspected, was behind it and the Queenstown police had enough evidence for a conviction as theft as a servant, I went to the IPCA to have them investigate why the Queenstown Police would not lay charges, they said I should ask the Queenstown police to re-investigate it. I did. The files went missing. ‘Destroyed’ is the word they used. Translated that means ‘stop asking, they don’t exist anymore’. I advised the investigating officer, via another officer as the investigating officer said that he does not want to talk to me, that I will go back to the IPCA. They ‘destroyed’ evidence that did not belong to them. I supplied some of it, it was my property,it should have been returned to me if they had no need of it. I returned home 4 days later, went to get the paper in the morning to find a Hazmat container with three syringes and viles in it placed on my lawn. (Hazardous material containers do not fall off trucks, they are recorded and secured. You have to keep records in the cab of a truck that can be accessed easily in the event of an accident. Nope they don’t fall off) A warning to pull my head in perhaps. A few days later I found a dead animal the same shape, size and colour as our handbag dog in a plastic bag leaning against our fence just below our mailbox. (Dead dogs do not find their way into plastic bags, tie them closed and then place themselves against the fence) Turned out to not be our dog but that was one of the reasons that I did not go to the IPCA and since then nothing ‘strange’ has happened. I did report it to the SFO as they were asked to investigate the corruption. They declined to investigate but did not pass the investigation on the the appropriate ‘department’. WTF? Corruption, yep and they know about it or they would investigate it. The old boys club works and even one of the cops said that lawyers, he was just a lawyer at the time, will circle the wagons to protect their own and not co-operate with the police. The local cop that investigated the theft of the house did not even pass his findings on to the honest cop. Even the cops look after their own. Good luck sorting that [stuff] out.

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xxxxxxxx · Friends with Ian Wishart

Good on you and good luck. You are pushing very sloppy shit up a really steep hill with an incredibly pointy stick. The lunatics are in charge of the asylum and that should never be the case. They have covered it up for so long that they have to keep going and hope to out live any dissenters. They are so bolshie because they have got away with it. I hope that you can put them where they should be. They have enough rope, just waiting for them to hang themselves. It did take a while for SIr Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, hundreds of catholic priests and others to be exposed. The protection racket worked a treat for them. The real problem is that we have allowed them to get away with it. Yep. If it had been nipped in the bud we would not have this massive problem now.

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Don’t know if anyone reads these posts but on the assumption that there are people out there that would wonder why Kevin Phillips and his related parties would want to steal a house. Simple enough, a house can be rented and the rent is used to generate a return on investment or subsidize a negatively geared property. Destroy the house and you destroy the income that it could produce, destroy two and that is even better. That is why two houses are missing from 12 Park Street. Two weeks after the court ordered that the two properties, (9 Brisbane Street and 12 Park Street) fraudulently taken by parties related to Kevin Phillips, were to vest in me. That incidentally was almost two months to the day that I reported to the police the threats made to me that property would be destroyed. “you better have lots of insurance, you will need it” were among other threats. The court case had been held and the party that lost was refusing to seal the court order, had to get the court to do it. The word you are looking for is extortion. Took a while but eventually the court registrar had to seal it. The cop that investigated the theft found that James Macalister carried out the threats. This leads to why would anyone want to steal property. 12 Park Street had a capital value of $1.825,000.00 and 9 Brisbane Street $1,215,000.00. in 2007. I know CV is not market value. 9 Frankton Road sold for $7,000,000.00 as bare land a year earlier than the CV’s were done and those figures were easily predicted. Okay so if you do the math on the bare land, given that Kev’s related parties had destroyed two houses, that is $4,800,000. ($7,000,000.00 divided by 2,808m times 1,929m)

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Ok, so now you get the picture, but the ignorant will claim well your wife did it. She was offered the use of $500,000.00 of the equity in the properties and was still my wife for many years after this incident. Being Japanese she wished to return to Japan to take care of her ageing parents. Funny things Japanese, imagine wanting to look after your parents, actually I think it is a good thing to do. She was also threatened and she was not behind the threats. She couldn’t kill an animal, place it in a plastic bag and leave it against my fence, leave notes on my vehicle, tamper with vehicles, destroy two houses or more importantly obtain favours from cops not to investigate or lay charges, destroy evidence held by the police, intimidate witnesses, tamper with legal documents, destroy evidence held by the courts and lose the use of $500,000.00. She was frightened. Understandably. She is hardly likely to threaten herself and an OIA request found that she had been threatened and not by me. She never told me of the threats uncovered by the OIA. Yeah okay the math is $16,000.00 short but 9 Brisbane Street has a house on it and 9 Frankton Road is bare land. Oh yeah. The rates on the bare land at 12 Park Street were $80.00 a week. Only some one with significant surplus income would destroy the income from the buildings, you can work it out, how many tenants did Conrad have per room and what was he charging? 7 rooms in the two destroyed houses and walking distance to town. The result being no income and $80.00 a week to the council for what? To piss me off? Well that worked. Sure there were other things, I don’t like my mother-in-law but the Dad-in-law is cool. I get that you are annoyed about greedy landlords. I earned everything that I worked for and Kevin stole it. I refused any help from my in-laws because of my mum-in-law. Evil woman. My wife never had any money, savings, investments or a job but the dad-in-law matched my investments when we got married. That was it. I told him that I didn’t want it, the daughter was enough. Money was easy to make in Japan. Ask Conrad, he made his money there too. The cops claimed, based on no evidence, that my-in-laws paid for the house. They just make [stuff]  up. Maybe to be able to claim that Kevin didn’t really steal from my wife and me but from some Japanese dude who lost the war. Check the title, simple enough. Costs $15 dollars. No mention of any Japanese dude. The cops should just do their job, investigate crime and lay charges, anything else smells of corruption. Just rely on facts. Don’t make [stuff] up. We need to have confidence in the cops and not who can offer the biggest bribe.

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#WinstonPeters according to NZ author Greg Hallett:

“Winston Peters was a Heroin Trafficker with Peter Williams. Winston Peters girlfriend, Heeni Phillips, is now Peter Williams common law wife. Winston Peters and Peter Williams shared the same office in Tauranga, never practised law, and only practised Heroin Trafficking. Winston Peters bribes the National Party because he was also trafficking heroin with Prime Minister Rob Muldoon. Peter Williams extorts the National Party because he filmed the President of the National Party having sex with a minor in 2009 above the Platos Restaurant on Ponsonby Road. Peter Williams owns the building next door.


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