Exclusive – Has ISIS Issued a Veiled Threat to Kiwis for Christmas !? – “The End is Nigh”


Featured Image – Gareth Foster of Private Box NZ, the spitting image of this ‘Jewish/ Israeli ISIS’ fighter in the Middle East. 


The man said to have been hosting ISIS mail services in New Zealand – Gareth Foster of Private Box NZ – has today sent out what some experts say could be a coded message to other ISIS affiliated or associated groups and individuals around the Nation.

Media Whores – one of the Nation’s leading experts at decoding the cryptic Hebrew/ Phoenician language takes a closer look at the suspicious email below and warns Kiwis to be alert, not least over the Saturnalia / Christmas period at which these same Jewish extremists could seek to target us for our excessive  greed and commercialism. The same greed and commercialism pushed upon us by these same corporate type Jews it should be added, in all fairness.

Gareth Foster shot to fame in New Zealand when it was revealed that he was hosting multiple mail services for the Jewish/ Islamic extremist terrorist group at his company in Auckland. Foster was of course suddenly ‘horrified’ that no one at his company had even bothered checking who his clients were…….

Director ‘horrified’ ISIS website registered to company – NZ Herald. 

Second ISIS website uses NZ address – Newshub

Why the Jewish owned and run media were suddenly ratting out someone who was in effect helping them did seem rather odd at the time – but it was later theorized by this news source that the story was in fact much bigger than what we were led to believe and that the Jewish owned media jumped in to help shut the story down by painting it all up as some kind of mistake.

And Media Works obviously being on the same side as the Jewish terrorists…..as proudly shown on their coded swastika / 666 logo……which also apparently doubles as the symbol for transgendering children…..

Gareth Foster then apparently ran a distraction program, issuing a picture of himself playfully stroking a much younger liberal Asian boy in the work place – and all was quickly forgiven and forgotten……

Image – Wan and Wareth of ‘Private Box’

But could the Jewish Islamic terrorist gang still be bubbling away in the background – making plans to stage more terror attacks via our TV screens? And not least over Christmas, the traditional time of rest and relaxation for long suffering Kiwis who all pay 70% taxes for the privilege of living and working in Jewish private corporate owned and run New Zealand Inc? A season now hijacked by these same terrorists and turned into a massive ‘Black Friday’ type corporate feeding frenzy?

Media Whores has previously covered all of the Media Works staged ‘terror’ attacks in New Zealand……

New Zealand’s Biggest Gang Exposed – The Jewish Sayanim Gang

Update – The Hunt for Holy Hoaxie Heke Rolls On….

Whangarei “Shooting Victim” Company Doesn’t Exist – Kosher False Flag / Hoax ?

So let’s take a closer look at what Gareth Foster – possibly the man most closely linked to ISIS in New Zealand – has to say in his email newsletter below. Could it be coded terrorist language?

First up – “The end is nigh”…..very ominous……….

The end is nigh

Followed by the standard  ‘updated’ corporate Jew terms and conditions of course…..to be expected….Media Whores can’t be bothered reading them, like most other Kiwis, but we wouldn’t rule out that we are all agreeing to be attacked, or be flogged in the Synagogues at Christmas, simply by not reading them. Much like how the banking industry …and Google works…….

  1. Terms and Conditions – update

And the standard ‘updated’ privacy policy. There is of course no privacy at all – thus why we suddenly all need these new privacy ‘policies’. Those associated with Media Whores were stalked by Gareth and his gang for one, then had their IP address blocked from his website so they could not access their mail, and then their account closed when they complained about it. Much like the corporate Jews at Trade Me did also

3. Update to our Privacy Policy

Ahhh yes, then the standard corporate Jewish price increase……there are pages of new terms and conditions, you have fewer rights, your privacy has been further eroded, and here is your latest price increase…..

4. Price increase

Followed by the standard advertising – usually for a fellow Jew – in this case Natalie Sisson, who from memory is worthy of a transvestigation. Also note that name Sisson, which Bonacci has named as one of these inbred elite / Phoenician families…..You will never be able to afford to live like this btw – but you are allowed to send money to these elite types that do, and they will at least sell you the dream of living like this. Unless you agree to marry or sleep with one of these fruitloops, or one of their demonic children, you will never be permitted to live like them…….

Customer Spotlight (and give away!)

Natalie Sisson is a New Zealand entrepreneur and adventurer who currently lives on her dream lifestyle property in her home country, and the rest of the time out of her suitcase, traveling the world and running her business and going on adventures.



And here is the big one folks. Check it out ….5 minutes to midnight……..Are Gareth Foster and Israeli run ISIS warning us all? We know they always hide everything in plain sight and must broadcast what they plan to do before they do, so as to minimize the karma for their evil deeds……..


As per usual, Media Whores warns Kiwis to be aware and on the look out for these terrorists over the summer silly season.

Over 75,000 liberal German Jew sex tourists are expected to flood in this summer also, all armed with the latest Jewish spy software on their latest iPhones, which will make it nearly impossible for the relatively unarmed and flightless Kiwi to keep track of them all. It is a fkg invasion every summer now. And no one is safe. Our best advice is try to go and hide away in the bush somewhere on solar power until they all leave again by the end of April. We then usually get 1-2 months of nice weather and peace and quiet to enjoy for ourselves…….before all launching into another 11 months work to be able to pay all our taxes, to fund these people and their glamorous lifestyles…..

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