The Grace Millane Masonic Media Feeding Frenzy – & the Colours of Yahu/ Saturn #TOS


Featured Image – Grace Millane’s ‘father’, David Millane. 

Have we learned anything yet NZ?

It’s all in the colours – and the numbers….

Lesley Elliott & The Sophie Elliot Foundation – Hearts are Trumps #TOS

The Grace Millane thing.

Poor girl was only 22. Is there any hope at all?

Hope 22


It’s media feeding frenzy of masonic hand signs, tongues ‘a poppin, smiles and laughs, and of course the usual colours of Yahu/ Saturn all the way through it……

And it is all men’s fault of course. All men. All men must die. #WhiteRibbon #MeToo

Some of these scenes must have taken weeks to prepare for and ‘stage’. Not least all the printing…..

It’s Amazing Grace folks – welcome to the all new Jewish Christmas season in New Zealand…..

We must now all come together as human beings, under our all new human rights, afforded to us kindly by our Serpent / Snake overlords – and remove all men from power – hand everything over to women – and trannies – and LGBT fruitcakes.

Then bow down to Satan.

And maybe then a little Sharia Law for whomever is still alive at the end of it…….

Oh yeah and the snake accused of doing it has had his picture (also no voice box) and name plastered all over UK media,  in defiance of a masonic NZ judge’s orders – thus now is the time to move our entire legal system over to the Israeli Supreme Court, so that International incidences like this can be better staged managed……

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