The Grace Millane #TheyLive Haka – it’s Funny ‘Cos it’s True…#TOS


Featured Image – one of the Sayanim winking at the media insiders at the Grace Millane Masonic Murder Carnival in Auckland last week. Check out the other actors behind pretending to write stuff on their hands. And the mandatory colours of Saturn, the post notes on the right. 


For the record, yes the Media Whores template colours also show the colours of Saturn in some of those category buttons – but only because we don’t know how to change it. And are still a bit low on sponsors/ funding. 

Just chanced across this Grace Millane Haka thing yesterday, but shit, it is one of the best

Check it out.

Watch it again, use the pause button.

What are these things….and why are they here? And perhaps more importantly – why are they all dressing at Warehouse second hand op-shops?


The Grace Millane Masonic Media Feeding Frenzy – & the Colours of Yahu/ Saturn #TOS

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