Israeli Russian Jews Now Control the Entire Internet – Brendon O’Connell



All technology is now back doored to Israel/ Saturn/ Satan.

All of it.

Every microchip.

Every Eftpos machine, every ATM, all of the crypto currencies, the entire internet, your smart phone, your smart meter, even the air bags and brakes on late model cars,

And these Jew hackers and spies can turn it all off if and when they please. Shut down our entire Nation overnight if we do not play ball – and continue to worship the Jew, their technology, their holocaust and their media.

Most of the Israeli IT sector is actually run by Russians/ Russian Jews.

We have let Russian commie/ soviet Jews right into all of our businesses and homes..Direct access to everyone’s online bank records, online business accounts, all your emails and texts.

They are running the whole damn show now. Pervert satanist Soviet / Ruskie Jews.

While the NZ media run the odd headline like the one below to put the entire Nation back to sleep…..”oh no, but the holocaust happened! They wouldn’t lie to us!” FFKS – thats all they do

And the biggest of the brainwashed retards still worship Trump as the Savior. From what ffks? Trump is selling off all US technology to China & Russia via Israel…..and will totally collapse the USA before he is done, behind a mirage of sex and drug scandals, with his Jew lawyers all ‘taking the bullet’ for him as the final act. While brainwashed beasts across the west all cheer it on……

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3 thoughts on “Israeli Russian Jews Now Control the Entire Internet – Brendon O’Connell”

  1. Mike says:

    Brendon OConnell is hard to watch because he just keeps flapping his tongue without getting to the meat.

    I like the guy and am with his stuff, but he is just a pain in the arse to have to listen to.

    Your 1.5 million jews etc from yesterday cannot be accessed.

    Dacid Wilcock has made a movie that has been banned by facebook it is called “beyond majestic”.

    He maintains that in the Korean war it was the United Nations who used secure information to set deadly traps for the USA soldiers. It took quite a while to find who the insider “The United Nations” was. Note that Robet David Steele want the United Nations totally removed from the USA. Permanently. To somewhere like the middle of the sahara.

    ALSO David Wilocks material includes that the “Cabal of evil” in fact has the main players being…Canada, Australia, Britain, USA and New Zealand..who are in fact “the five eyes”…as well as the 6th eye…being Israel…

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