Kevin Hines – Suicide Holocaust Survivor


Featured Image – Kevin Hines of the all new global / globalist suicide & related prescription drug industries. 


Picture this scenario….

As a child growing up in a Nazi death camp, you had watched as both your parents were dragged over hot coals before being nailed to a large wooden fence by their hands and feet, then left to bleed out before being made into human skin lampshades…and soap. Soap which you and your younger sister were then made to use in the gas showers, until the gases one day overcame your sister but you were luckily able to drag yourself out, break free and wonder for years through thick Eastern European forest being hunted by wolves, before finally arriving in America to start over.

In the land of the free you had managed to somehow become a wealthy young property owner – mostly just by selling off the gold teeth you had collected from others at the Nazi death camps and then carried in your anus for decades.

By the time you were 75 years old you had actually become quite super wealthy, like so many other holohoax survivors, and you were able to afford a full blood transfusion of highly adrenalised virgin blood from an unsuspecting Haitian donor, which despite turning you a little bit browner, did have the desired effect of wiping 30 or 40 years off your appearance.

You still had some money but the coke was wearing a bit thin and your addiction to prescription meds was getting out of control.

Then one day while on a particularly bad come down, you found yourself jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge, flying through the air and crashing into the ice cold waters 67 meters below. Once again, your life had been magically speared and you were able to use your ‘story’ to then start work with the all new Global Suicide Industry Cult, which not only allowed you to fly around the World attending lavish functions with all of the new NWO suicide doctors, but also gave you access to unlimited supplies of prescription meds, and thus some of the best parties on the planet. All you had to do was stay in the media as much as possible and push the idea of suicide upon Goy children.

This is not necessarily the story of Kevin Hines – Suicide Holocaust Survivor……..

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2 thoughts on “Kevin Hines – Suicide Holocaust Survivor”

  1. Mike says:

    Glad you lot got away from the Christchurch Freudian psycho demons.

    Carl Jung, Freuds top student, described Freud as being a sexual pervert, a total sexual deviant, I think we can also add that to the good Christchurch psychiatrists CV. For now and the future. I could never figure out what 2 + 2 =. 1 + 2 +3 is so much easier, it actually works.

    Hey there is a real nasty problem with “THE WAREHOUSE”. As a typical easy gpoing Kiwi I dont get offended seriously at all hardly ever. But ‘THE WAREHOUSE” are non stop advertising this book by “MICHELLE OBAMA” as an “inspiring read” for New Zealanders. iT IS ON ENDLESS REPEAT cycling on their sound system, while walking around the “warehouse” shop.

    To the point where I felt like vomiting and really made my Xmas shopping feel like eating kiddy f*cking paedophile sodomist faggots sh*t.

    So I walked out of their disgusting “red barn” premises and also asked them to stop the voice of this maggot mouth paedophile enabler Michelle Obama. To stop this paedophile promotion as being “inspiring” for NZers to read for Xmas.

    Because paedophile inspiring, and paedophile and “PEDOVORE”promotion.Is exactly “anti Xmas”.

    WITH CHILD CANNIBALISM AND CHILD SACRIFICE BEING “Baal” WORSHIP, which includes the worship of the massive pain and extreme tortured suffering caused to NZ native birds by 1080 poison. because the more the pain and suffering caused the higher up in the Baal worship hierarchy you get. Hence Baal worship, or child cannibalism and child torture and child blood drinking and child sacrifice is the prayers mnade at the United Nations, as per the work of journalist Alex Newman.

    Which is totally anti the spirit of Xmas, which is what is being being promoted by the internal warehouse sound system advertising. It is very distressing at Xmas to hear so much paedo enabling evil being spun by the warehouse.

    Her husband or “its” husband… Barrack Obama is notorious in the USA for liking to fiddle and sodomise little white boys. As shown by the youtube article by Professor Jim Fetzer of the real deal, on paedogate or pizzagate.

    Where he examines the $65,000 spent by Barrack Obama to have little boys transported to the white house from Chicargo. Disguised as “hotdogs”. Except no outside food is allowed in the white house and hot dogs is paedo language for “little boys” or catamites.

    Every three of four minutes this paedophile enabling witches(probably transvestite by the dick pictures of her dancing) voice came across their sound system. The warehouse information told me that it is a warehouse central matter. So the whole of New Zealand at Xmas in “the warehouse” has this paedo propaganda being spun.

    The whole WAREHOUSE should be boycotted with this type of evil sickness at work behind the scenes.

    1. mediawhores says:

      heard that today also at the warehouse
      horrible shit they push on all the kiwis
      i am wading through 400 comments here mate. trying to find the real ones

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