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Just set comments to ‘logged in users only’

Sorry folks – but got around 400 spam messages in the last 2 days since posting to say ‘comments back open’.

Going through looking for the real ones for an hour. Just deleted over 100 spam ones…

These psychotic / lunatic fake Jews are dead set on now completely controlling the narrative on the internet – much as they do in the mainstream media and across our Soviet / communist / Jewish government apparatus.

The are a pack of greedy sick inbred drawling fkg lunatics – pathological liars who have now turned the entire Western World into the equivalent of Soviet Russia and/or communist Russia – mostly just by bribing the biggest cowards and perverts into most top positions of power.

And it will be these same psychotic pedophile ring fake Jew rich listers that will offer up the solution also – which will be uniform basic communism, with a microchip up your rear end to be able to collect their new ‘equal rights’ dole.

Child Poverty Bill doesn’t address cause: Inequality – Malcolm – Voxy

The real answer being of course – to wipe all income taxes off Kiwis – and let them work, save and thrive. Just like all these Jew owned global corporates are currently allowed to do – ie) operate tax free in NZ.


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    Brendon OConnell is hard to watch because he just keeps flapping his tongue without getting to the meat.

    I like the guy and am with his stuff, but he is just a pain in the arse to have to listen to.

    Your 1.5 million jews etc from yesterday cannot be accessed.

    Dacid Wilcock has made a movie that has been banned by facebook it is called “beyond majestic”.

    He maintains that in the Korean war it was the United Nations who used secure information to set deadly traps for the USA soldiers. It took quite a while to find who the insider “The United Nations” was. Note that Robet David Steele want the United Nations totally removed from the USA. Permanently. To somewhere like the middle of the sahara.

    ALSO David Wilocks material includes that the “Cabal of evil” in fact has the main players being…Canada, Australia, Britain, USA and New Zealand..who are in fact “the five eyes”…as well as the 6th eye…being Israel…



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