The Economics of the NZ Government Pedophile Agenda – with ‘Independent’ Expert – Shamubeel Eaqub – #TOS


Featured Image – Shamubeel Eaqub – (Pronounced  – Sham Uber Eel – we are all Equa-Liberal) – Highly experienced and trained expert, in a suit, from the Netsafe website, which promotes gay sex dating Apps and ‘Nudes’  to Kiwi children…to help keep them safe. 


Cyberbullying: Estimating costs

Shamubeel Eaqub  has become a fairly well known sort of professional coke sucker in recent years in New Zealand.

It has to noted straight off the bat that NZ now has the worst inequality and poverty rates we have ever had – coupled with never seen before corporate fascism / the merger of state and corporate power – and we have never had such a ‘multicultural’ team of so called ‘experts’ advising us all.

As the Zionist Jews invaded New Zealand with their new counterfeit money from the Jewish owned and controlled private Federal Reserve – they were in need of friendly looking ‘multi cultural’ coke suckers in suits that they could use as a front for their social engineering and related mind control projects.

Pushing a multi cultural agenda down the throats of their Kiwi victims is a strategy needed by these fake/ Satanic Jews for two main reasons. One is due to the fact that as you slowly genocide one slave population you must also slowly replace it with more dumbed down slaves who will sign up for the foreign bank mortgages (death pledges) and work in all of the minimum wage jobs at the fake Jew owned corporations – otherwise you stand to lose a lot of money in the process. The other main reason for the multi cultural feel good program whilst you genocide a population, is that it makes it all the harder for those being genocided to figure out who is actually doing the genociding. By promoting as many ‘multi cultural’ faces to the top rungs of these satanists’ pedophile ring of power – they are able to more successfully hide their true identity and thus better avoid any awkward/ so called ‘racist’ finger pointing.

Enter Shamubeel Eaqub – probably best described as a professional coke sucker…in a suit.

Shamubeel Eaqub’s role for the foreign bankers he pretends not to be working for – is to help slowly shaft as many Kiwis up the backside as he can, while growing wealthy himself in the process.  Not to say we have seen any evidence that Shamubeel is another of these secret masonic homosexuals in a fake marriage – but we have previously estimated that up to 100% of these types are. Being homosexual and/or a child abuser does seem to be the ticket one needs to advance in this new Soviet/ communist system. Again we stress that this might not be the case here, but generally speaking – the bigger the pervert, pedophile or fag, the higher (and faster) they seem to go.

Shamubeel Eaqub in fact represents himself as an expert ‘independent economist’.

So let’s start with the most obvious lie there – that being the claim of  ‘independence’.

if you are truly independent or at least trying to be independent in this new Soviet / Stasi/ Communist / Capitalist system being forced upon us by these satanic fake Jews, you are certainly never promoted in the news. Anyone who is truly independent is in fact being raided by police and having their computers and cell phones stolen, then being forced to submit unlawful DNA samples. Most of these ‘experts’ we see in the media these days are in fact either secret masonic homos and/or transgenders and / or members of the secret child abuse rings the likes of Media Whores has been exposing. Again, we have seen no direct evidence of this here – but trying to pass himself of as an ‘independent’ economist is clearly a whopping lie. If this Professional Coke Sucker in a Suit (PCSS) was in any way independent, he would start by admitting that the entire global money supply is owned and run by a small handful of Satan worshiping Black Nobility Persian families, and that all of the new money they have been issuing in recent decades is all counterfeit with no asset backing and thus highly inflationary…….and that all other so called ‘economics’ (both theory and in practice) that follows from this grand fraud and theft, is essentially also a fraud and a lie, call it capitalism or communism or whatever you like. If you lend $100 million to a nation, town or region, then demand $110 million back over time – coupled with 60% net government taxes – what you get is poverty, pain, suffering, and constantly increasing inequality between those who are in a position to lend and those whom have to borrow to survive.

Shamubeel Eaqub has not come out and explained this to the best of our knowledge and it is our conclusion that he is therefore at least as bent over and ‘compromised’ as any of these other Professional Coke Suckers in Suits that we are constantly subjected to via the corporate news and mainstream media, as we are all consistently robbed, regulated and taxed to death.

Which leads us to the next part of the deception that is Shamubeel Eaqub – that being the word / title of ‘economist’.

‘Economist’ is another clever Hebrew word play on the words Con, and No Money. With a new age E chucked on the front to make what is essentially just another Jewish pseudo science look somehow relevant and like it might actually be true. E is the 5th letter of the Phoenician Alphabet/ Phonetics and thus represents the somewhat limited 5 senses of the human being slave class/ Goy/ Cattle/ stock. Thus what ‘economics’ really means is ‘ Another 5 Senses Con to steal everything off the Goy, so they have No Money’.  If you can put enough professional coke suckers in suits on the TV news telling everyone how important ‘economics’ is however, you have got yourself another successful whopping great Jewish lie and mind control tool which can be used to help enslave and then slowly genocide a population. E-con-no-mists are generally speaking just another bunch of fraudulent corporate cunts and/or snakes, in suits. And Shamubeel Eaqub is an expert, like we said.

Now – for the E-Con-No-Money of NZ’s fake Jewish Corporate Pedophilia Agenda….

The masonic fake Jews who have invaded NZ are running highly organized child sex rings around the Nation, mostly via Jewish owned and controlled new age Churches, schools and Labour Party Summer Camps, but also via their medical centres, hospitals, shopping malls and some say also in underground cells at most District Court rooms. These alleged Jewish child sex dens are now supported and aided by numerous technological Apps such as Facebook, Grinda, Tinder, which these serial pedophiles use to sexually groom and then lure in fresh ‘virgin blood’ into their dens. Most of these same new age Jewish owned Apps are then promoted on Government funded ‘Netsafe’ – who also promote ‘Nudes’ to children and parents on their tax payer funded website. All told, these fake Jews have successfully turned NZ into a pedophiles’ paradise, not too dissimilar to what they did to Thailand and the Philippines, so that they can all travel over here for their conferences, dressed in their suits, and go out and rape as many local children as possible, between speeches.

Sexually abusing local / Kiwi children when visiting here for their Government and Corporate (same thing) conferences is just a small part of the economics of this pedophile agenda however – really just the entertainment bill for these types. The real nuts and bolts is much more complicated and requires some more advanced e-con-no-money anal-ISIS……

By sexually abusing as many children as possible – now being done on an industrial scale in NZ and other western nations and even now cleverly built into the actual school curriculums – these Satanic Talmudic fake Jews are able to seriously damage the psyche of an entire generation of Kiwi children – with the boys unsure if they are really boys and the girls all lead to believe that they should be in charge of everything. The result being the destruction of the family unit and thus a severely weakened society, with very low birth rates, allowing these pedophile ring Talmudic invaders to more easily shape and rape the Nation, as well as slowly kill us all off and replace us with more compliant mortgage paying slaves from 3rd World Nations.

Abused children – sexually or otherwise – also helps keep the Justice system, Serco, WINZ, Child Youth and Family as well as these economists…. all fully employed for decades to come – thus the lawyers, judges, MP’s, economists and other Talmudic pedophiles and/or pedophile minders all rely on a constant stream of child abuse as a means of guaranteeing they will still have jobs later in life. Thus it is these types – in the suits – that tend to do the most raping, and as now well documented in the Justin Davis Files.

In short – without the rampant pedophilia and associated child abuse of these suit wearing Talmudic types – the entire system of economic slavery and perpetual / cyclical genocide would eventually fall over, and human beings would eventually insist on living free. Free from Government, free from taxes and bullshit Communist health and safety rules – and they would refuse to let their children anywhere near the corporate and government pedophile promoting agents and agencies, such as Netsafe, the lawyers, doctors, GP’s, economists and the likes.

This is a fairly basic sort of introduction to the economics of the NZ Government and indeed corporate child abuse agenda.

Media Whores invites Shamubeel Eaqub – multicultural expert in a suit – to add any further comment below….Is there any Hope? And is E-Con-No-Money really a science? Or just more Occult Kaballah / Black Cube pedophilia for Allah and his foreign bank $nake Profit?

Specifically – perhaps he could chime in on those reports from the Civic Crache case kids, that they all saw “black dicks” when being raped and buggered in their kindergarten before it was all covered up, plus comment on Santos Bonacci’s work that exposes most of these ‘elite’ masonic Talmudic families actually being of Persian origins – and could this be the reason we are seeing so many of these Persian types now showing up in NZ (and other previous western nations) and assuming top leadership roles? And will these types help boost this Masonic / Talmudic pedophilia agenda? Or finally speak out about it?

Make no mistake the pedophiles have police and cyfs in there pockets. M.P. Nick Smith got a child [@#$%^] club running right out of his office by a guy called Dan Dolejs, who has links to the most powerful pedophiles in this country. If the head of the wellington hospital emergency department Dr Paul Quigley is getting away with drugging and [@#$%^&*] children, which is filmed , what else do you think might be going on ?” – Justin Davis


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