The Homosexual Nazi Zionists that Rule the Western World


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Well, it sounds funny, but it is true.

If somebody is setting up these redhead Nazi/ Zionists in power to look bad – they have done a very good job.

Homosexual Nazi Zionists currently rule the Western World. And most of them are redheads, it must be said.

Or probably better put – are pretending to rule the Western World on behalf of their money lending Jewish sponsors and handlers – who seem to be playing some kind of massive / Biblical hoax upon the West – seeing just how far we will take it up the collective butt – before they completely collapse our economies and then all scurry back to the Middle East / Israel and Russia where they will no doubt sit there pointing the finger at us all saying “we told you so….” while skillfully blame it all on ‘God’, again.

These redhead Nazis/ Zionists seem to be under the mind control of what appears to be a brood of elite androgynous snakes. Following their orders and tasked with carrying out their A-gender agenda for them, presumably ever since Eve (or Adam) fkd a snake in the Garden.

The truth is popular – there are 10’s of millions of people across the World looking for it……but not as many that care to admit that they are interested in truth……probably 100’s of millions….

Note we are not saying all redheads rule the Western World, nor that all redheads are Nazis/ Zionists etc.

Just that the ones currently running Western politrix all seem to be homosexual redhead Nazi Zionists.

And we seem to be nearing a point in NZ history at least, where these same fascists will come out and arrest anyone who dares point out this awkward truth, or those in any way associated with speaking this truth….That is how corrupt the situation has become

Take a look at these homosexual snakes at The Spin Off – such as Joel Macmanus – bleating on about Government spying after the earthquakes, while skillfully blaming it on “the last government”, even as the likes of Media Whores and it’s associates are being arrested by police and chucked in mandatory Soviet mental asylums for 5 days by the homosexual Jacinda Ardern/ Peter Thiel regime. It is not a stretch to see how Joel Macmanus is covering up the rampant pedophilia of this same gang, if not actually one himself…

The Bulletin: Public money used to spy on quake survivors

They rule over us all with fake news, fake science, fake medicine, anti-depressants, meth, fake economics, fake statistics, staged terrorism (in fact the entire war of terror), associated fear, online spying, and domestic/ local spying using a small army of local Sayanim spies, gang stalkers and communist styled informants.

For the record – Media Whores couldn’t give a shit what these people are or what they do – but for the fact that they are forcing it all down our throats, using pure lies and deception, while making us all pay for it!

People across the West are now experiencing the biggest tax bills they have ever been burdened with – as high as 70% net taxes in some European Nations. Probably around 60-70% net taxes in New Zealand once you account for income taxes, GST, additional tobacco and alcohol sales taxes, rates, vehicle registration, WOF and fuel taxes and on and on. This is called Communism, which was always the goal of Socialism, and it has been achieved / implemented via the use of Fascism or the merger of State and Corporate power. We fund the Government to tune of 60-70% net taxes, and in return the Government carries out a strictly corporate agenda. You could rattle off 20-30 major NZ Government policies of the past 20-30 years and the actual public never voted for or asked for one of them. The way it works is the Corporate Government raises the idea or issue, then sales it to us via the media for 10 years, then goes ahead and passes the law anyway. Banning plastic bags, banning smoking, 1080, fluoride in the water, now chlorine in the water, mass immigration, Government spying, supporting illegal wars, signing the TPPA, selling the power companies and on and on. Sometimes these fascist / communist policies are achieved using the illusion of democracy, whereby a politician mentions the policy and then they do a secret party deal after the election so as to produce the illusion of actual cross party support. In reality, the majority of the NZ public have not been given the opportunity to agree on one public policy now for decades.

And it is now no secret that it is these redhead ‘leaders’ forcing it all down our throats….most of whom seem to be homosexuals….many of them actually transgenders…and some even dressing up as black men just to help sell the fraud….

Obama was/is of course the redheaded Heath Ledger playing dress up, and married to a transvestite man/ Michelle

Donald Trump is of course a transgender female – much the same as his entire family.

Our very own Jacinda Ardern is another one – a role played by the redhead Jewish homosexual Peter Theil, who arrived in NZ a few days after  (the non redhead Jew) John Key fled his post under another cloud of sexual deviancy rumors. Peter Thiel has not been seen or heard from since, save for one or two minor appearances overseas no doubt designed and released so as to help counter the ‘conspiracy theories’.All you need is a mouth guard, a wig and a professional make up artists folks……plus a few months voice training…….unless you prefer the shape shifter theory…..take your pick….

And of course the Israeli and Soviet owned and controlled Nazi/ Zionists that have controlled NZ politrix for decades now – either directly or behind the scenes……helping to control all sides…

Then Theresa May – another transvestite redhead Nazi Zionist

And Julia Gillard, a part played by redhead actress Jodie Foster

And then Justin Trudeau – who is either the redheaded Fidel Castro after a large dose of adrenochrome and some virgin blood transfusions, or his illegitimate son or daughter dressed in drag – and also a total fag of course….

And not just pushing their homosexual and transgender agenda on the voting public, but also now on children across the West via the actual schools. And leaving a trial of child abuse and pedophilia cover ups behind them a mile wide. Exposing child abuse is now one of the biggest thought crimes across the West – because it does not suit the gay / tranny agenda of these Nazi/ Zionist leaders, as they march us all off into their compulsory / State and corporate run homosexual pedophilia Utopia……

Make no mistake the pedophiles have police and cyfs in there pockets. M.P. Nick Smith got a child [@#$%^] club running right out of his office by a guy called Dan Dolejs, who has links to the most powerful pedophiles in this country. If the head of the wellington hospital emergency department Dr Paul Quigley is getting away with drugging and [@#$%^&*] children, which is filmed , what else do you think might be going on ?” – Justin Davis

Taupo Creep Catchers – Homosexual Pedophile – Bruce Twentyman

Gang Stalked in New Zealand for Exposing Homosexual Child Abusers

Updates on the ‘debunked’ Pizza Gate Conspiracy – with Joel MacM’Anus

And then of course the army of Zionist puppets across entertainment and media – all subtly or directly pushing the same homosexual agenda for Israel, coupled with their fake terror campaign and associated loss of freedoms and privacy…..and ever more regulations, ‘red’ tape and taxes…

And then the blood and adrenochome thing – it seems like at the very worst of the scale – these Zionist demons are actually harvesting the blood and/or adrenochrome of children for use in anti-aging procedures…..

And the all new industrial scale trade in aborted human baby fetus body parts

And of course all of their ‘war on terror’ – completely staged…..all of it….

And the redhead Nazi Zionists running all the IT….Kim Dotcom deserves special mention, as does Sam Morgan and Peter Thiel again. Dotcom being a total fraud from start to finish, living in NZ illegally now with his new transvestite redhead ‘wife’…and a few extra images that popped up under ‘Nazi’……


That is where we are at. Across the West.

No one is in the Lighthouse folks – these psychotic Nazi Zionists are running the show, or at least have been manipulated into power so that it looks like they are running the show and possibly also just being set up the Jewish money lenders so as to help them best/ better help collapse the old Babylonian system behind them as they flee with all of the gold – Biblical prophesy complete for another round of this great game the money lenders call Monopoly.

And it is 70% net taxes to fund all of the homosexual political correctness agendas, coupled with  never ending child abuse scandals for the rest of us in the meantime…….

And possibly all set up and staged just so the creepy Jews can push Islam in all our faces once everything is completely destroyed.

Every Jew Will have 2800 Slaves when the Messiah Comes

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