Claims the German Jew Homosexual Peter Thiel Had ‘Media Whores’ Arrested


Featured Image – the blood drinking Transvestite German Jew – Peter Thiel – playing the role of NZ PM,Jacinda Ardern. 


Looking for a little bit of straight shooting real news over the holiday season? You found it right here……risking life and limb to help alert the public……

Somebody has suggested to Media Whores that it was actually Peter Thiel/ Jacinda Ardern that had the man associated with this website unlawfully and illegally arrested and imprisoned in October.

Media Whores recalls driving between Blenheim and Nelson last summer one day, having just got off the Cook Straight ferry with around 300 German Jew lizard gang stalkers, when out of the blue this idea that Jacinda Ardern was actually the German Jew homo Nazi Peter Thiel  just popped into our head, like a lot of the information we have come up with to be fair.

And it made perfect sense. This chick is a dude…..

Transvestigations – Is Jacinda Ardern actually Peter Thiel Dressed in Drag?

Later on we saw allegations that Jacinda’s ‘partner’ Clark Gayford had been renting out his ass his entire career also… well as being recently arrested on drugs charges – allegations which the police themselves actually came out and illegally debunked.

Allegations Clarke Gayford is a Speed/ Meth Smoking Drug Addict & Built his Media Career by “Spreading his cheeks”

Not to mention their combined shapeshifting and lizard tongue action

Clarke Gayford – Demonic Reptilian Shape Shifter – on 7 Days – 666

Peter Thiel shown here high fiving his fellow German Jew homosexual – Donna Trump – was sent to NZ within days of the fake Jew John Key fleeing his post under (another) cloud of sexual deviancy and/or rape allegations, and was then granted citizenship illegally. He/she remains in this Nation illegally to this day, dressing up in drag and playing the role of Jacinda Ardern…..

Just check out Transcinderella’s penis for starters….

Later on we realized that New Zealand is now being 100% run by these German/ Russian Jew homos from Queenstown, with some saying they are actually running things from a hi tech military bunker down near Te Anau…..Kim Blot Slob, Sam Morgan and Peter Thiel…..and all of them German/ Soviet Jewish Nazi homosexuals and /or bi sexuals. Actually – we have no idea what Sam Morgan is into, but most of these types seem to be gay, or trannies. Speaking this truth is of course called ‘hate speech’ now – but taking over an entire nation in a military coup so you can turn into a meth fueled pedophiles’ playground is ok……this is called ‘neo liberalism’ and ‘political correctness’ and should not be argued with.

Are Three Crack Head German Faggots Running Google New Zealand from a Secret High Tech Bunker in Te Anau?

It does seem outrageous until you realise just how many of these corporate NWO / One World Government Nazi Jews are actually faggots dressed in drag….almost all of them….

The arrival of Donald/ Donna Trump and his transvestite Nazi family signaled the raising of the flag of these homosexual Zionists over their Global corporate New World Order – Trump put in place by a military coup – as admitted by Jew/ Mossad/ CIA officer Steve Pieczenik. And while it all sounds great in theory, the fact is that Donna Trump is still covering up all of the pedophilia scandals and drug trafficking of this lawless gang of deceivers, as he overseas the continued deindustrialization of the USA and the theft of all its technology, which is being auctioned off to Israel and then China and Russia. Truth is they are not ‘saving’ or ‘rescuing’ anyone but themselves and now intend to rule over the entire World via their corporate and digital fascist NWO, from Israel and Russia, with everyone else as their tax paying slaves…..while doubling down on their various Nazi agendas, such as the TPPA (which Jacinda signed as soon as he took office, despite promising not to), vaccinations, fluoride and now chlorine in the water, poisoned food, and of course the rampant corporate rape of our economies, as they pillage all of our resources for sale off shore to their fellow fake Jew mates and family members around the World……It is full scale global fascism now – with a sort of communism for everyone under them…..These Nazis own everything and have awarded themselves global free trade agreements for their corporations, while everyone else is crippled with 60% net taxes so they have no choice but to queue up for slave jobs in one of the new Jew owned global (tax free) corporations. But don’t worry, you get subsidized anti depressants and meth to help get you through……Take a look at Jones the filthy piece of fat shit……he was given a 20 year run up to the Trump Coup……

Anyone that hasn’t figured out Trump was planned many years ago is an idiot.

Or that his entire family are faggots – is also an idiot. Faggots love Trump. They just haven’t figured out they are all worshiping faggots as their heros.

Can we say faggots? What’s a better word, but still easy to type?

And now the German Jew faggot Peter Thiel is apparently having any Kiwis who are smart enough to figure all this out – arrested and imprisoned, as well as their computers and cell phones confiscated/ stolen.

The man associated with Media Whores was arrested and then imprisoned unlawfully/ illegally in a State run hospital for 5 days, on the basis of a threat he was alleged to have made online. The actual threat was never produced, nor any evidence that he was actually involved with Media Whores at all, and the man still has no idea who made the allegation, nor where his computer and cell phone are. The corrupt pedophile minding police also demanded a DNA sample by threating to use “reasonable force” to take one, while standing there with tasers. The man was released from the State run mental hospital after a mandatory 5 day stay – as a political prisoner – and despite writing to the police requesting full disclosure as well as his belongings back – has not heard back at all. Like it never happened. A State run kidnapping and theft right before our very eyes, and now totally covered up and silenced. Fkg Nazis……

Sovereign / Common Law IS the Solution to the ‘Jewish’ Pedophile Legal System

Thus we are now in the situation in New Zealand where these German Jew Nazi faggots are simply sending out police to arrest and disappear those who expose them and their fraud, while stealing their property and work tools in the process. Over 300 contacts in that mobile phone – all gone. Stolen by this all new faggot German / Russian Jew state.

Peter Thiel – you are a filthy low life blood drinking faggot – you are in this Nation illegally, and you are guilty of treason for posing as the elected leader of this Nation, while serving a foreign power, and pushing your anti-Christ blood drinking, faggot and pedophile agenda upon the rest of us. You have no rights here, legal or otherwise – you filthy snake.

We are currently governed over by a small group of interbred demon German and Soviet fake Jew homosexual pedophiles and blood drinking vampire faggots… who are now openly kidnapping journalists and even those whom they believe may be working with those journalists. This is hardly acceptable folks. Our Nation being run by demon blood drinking / child sex trafficking vampires.

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