Peter Thiel is Blood Drinking Vampire Dr Jonas Salk – Now ‘Jacinda Ardern’ – #Adrenochrome #PizzaGate #TheyLive


Featured Image – Polio vaccine hoax inventor Dr Jonas Salk, is now Peter Thiel, is now Jacinda Ardern

30,000 views in a few minutes – thats a new record…

May the record show that Media Whores is ordained.

Not that we are in anyway rejoicing about the fact – just saying.

The Polio Hoax vaccine inventor Dr Jonas Salk is now playing the part of Peter Thiel – the virgin blood / anti aging freak now posing as NZ PM Jacinda Ardern.

Transvestigations – Is Jacinda Ardern actually Peter Thiel Dressed in Drag?

How so you ask?


That is how

Apologies to the Russians and Germans – this freak is an American fake Jew

Here is Dr Salk vaccinating the shape shifting Jew Elvis with his fake / Nazi eugenics vaccine for a disease that never existed……most known cases of Polio came from the actual vaccine, and most others cases were just Jews acting the part – same as they do these days with most diseases, cancers etc – get a few famous Jews to act the part…to help sell the fraud

And a final interview with another fake Jew playing the part of Dr Jonas Salk, presumably after he had done his adrenochrome treatment – so that those going back looking at the man would not recognize him. This is another of their tricks….This is not the same man

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