How the Persian Elite Families Conquered the West – via the Vatican.


Featured Image – Shamubeel Eaqub – Expert. Not sure how this half ass bubble butt has missed all of this information below – but Media Whores is seeking comment. And overdue to shine a bit of light /dark on this particular ‘Chosen’ corporate media whore. 

Might just post this video below without all of our usual bullshit/ ballshit.

Astounding info which should be taught in schools.

eg) if you have a birth certificate – you are a Roman Catholic, whether you wish to admit it or not. And the Roman Catholic Church was the means by which the Persian elite families (some just say Jews) were able to infiltrate and conquer the entire World, now culminating in this global corporate slave system in which the elites all operate in a global tax free environment (TPPA etc), and the actual people of the Nations they operate in are forced to pay 60% net taxes while being subjected to chemical warfare, so as to keep them all subdued and struggling and thus unable to fight back or even argue. An astounding achievement really, but high time we axed it.

Maybe also keep in mind that ‘Jesuits’ looks very much like ‘Jews in Suits’ to us. Something Bonacci – a self confessed word smith – may have somehow overlooked…..

Search on Youtube for the full series…..but this one nails it…..







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